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7 goals every project manager should aspire to achieve

CIO | Mar 25, 2018

Project managers must look beyond requirements, budgets and timelines to ensure they are executing high-impact, high-visibility projects with a direct line to the organization's overall strategic goals. Here's how to be recognized by executives and stakeholders as an indispensable strategic partner.

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The role of a project manager requires more than delivering projects on time and on budget. It’s a highly strategic role that helps drive, guide and execute company-wide goals that offer true value to the organization.
Here are 7 essential goals that every project management professional should aspire to achieve, according to the Gartner.
Hire and train managers with soft skills
Technical skills are important, but when companies focus on hiring hard skills over soft skills, it can create gaps in leadership skills. PMO offices should hire, mentor and train project managers with soft skills, so they can turn around and do the same. These skills include buy-in, mentoring, conflict resolution and innovation.
Identify and executive high-impact, high-visibility initiatives
With trained, strategic thinkers, your PMO office will have more success executing on high-impact projects. Identifying high-visibility and high-impact initiatives, and then following through on a clear vision and plan can save time, money and resources.
Report on what the business really cares about
Every project manager should be able to report KPIs, but the goal is to report on the most valuable qualitative and quantitative KPIs to deliver visibility and insight into projects with confidence.
Build a framework that shows how the PMO aligns with strategic enterprise objectives
A great project manager can communicate to outside business leaders how the PMO’s value aligns with business goals. This is achieved through regular, clear and direct communication with all stakeholders.
Provide senior managers with simple, unambiguous information
Head into every project with a clear understanding of everyone’s expectations – this includes project sponsors, executives, stakeholders and any teams involved. This helps determine KPIs, insights and future progress updates – and no one will be surprised by last minute changes.
Highlight the PMO’s achievements
Project managers should always make a point to highlight achievements of the PMO and link that success back to the PMO activities to reinforce the value of project management.
Evolve the PMO to support biomodal IT and digital business
PMO offices and project management professionals should avoid getting comfortable – they need to evolve and grow in a perpetual state of improvement. You need to regularly review processes, resources, technology and company culture to keep a pulse on the right strategic goals.
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