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10 Best Places to Work in 2018

CIO | Jan 30, 2018

Looking for a better workplace? Here are the 10 best companies you can work for, according to Glassdoor.

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10 best places to work in 2018
Looking for a better workplace? Here are the 10 best companies you can work for, according to Glassdoor.
Glassdoor released its annual list of Best Places to Work for 2018, and here are the top ten companies that made the list.
Facebook took first place on the list, and some of the most notable employee perks and benefits at Facebook include free food and snacks, a childcare stipend, four months maternity and paternity leave, generous vacation and PTO and affordable health insurance.
Bain & Company earned the second spot on the list, where employees enjoy three months or more of maternity and paternity leave, competitive health insurance, extended vacation and PTO and free lunch and snacks.
Third on the list is Boston Consulting Group, where employees receive 100 percent covered health insurance, generous vacation and PTO, maternity and paternity leave, which includes LGBT employees, and free lunch and snacks.
In-N-Out Burger ranked fourth on the list, where employees enjoy fun corporate outings, generous vacation and PTO, competitive health insurance and free lunch and snacks - including free burgers.
Google comes in at fifth, with employee benefits like free lunch, breakfast, dinner and snacks, 401k matching, competitive maternity and paternity leave, flexible schedules and employee discounts on Google products.
As the sixth best place to work, part-time employees at Lululemon earn a monthly fitness stipend of one hundred and fifty dollars, while full time employees receive a stipend of three hundred dollars per month on a pre-loaded VISA card. Employees also enjoy a generous discount on Lululemon products, competitive vacation and PTO and inexpensive health insurance.
HubSpot took seventh place on the list, where employees rave about the employer-paid deductibles, unlimited vacation and PTO, 401k matching, remote work flexibility and generous health coverage.
At World Wide Technology, which came in at number eight, employees receive 401k matching, affordable and comprehensive health coverage, generous maternity and paternity leave and reviews regularly rave about the company's dedication to fostering a corporate culture through strong leadership.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ranked as the ninth best place to work, where employees enjoy 80 percent employer paid health insurance, low insurance copays, a retirement plan, generous vacation and PTO and competitive maternity and paternity leave.
At tenth on the list, Ultimate Software touts a people first mentality that puts employees, customers and the community first. Employees receive 40 percent matching on their 401k plans, 100 percent employer paid medical, dental and vision insurance, four weeks paid paternity leave and unlimited PTO.
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