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4 tips for building your executive brand on LinkedIn

CIO | Jan 23, 2018

LinkedIn is a key tool for establishing your brand as an executive, but is your profile having the impact you want? Here are four easy ways to strengthen your executive brand on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for executives, and it's a fundamental step in creating your professional brand.
Whether you want to attract hiring managers, network with other professionals or establish yourself as a thought leader, you need a vision and a game plan for your LinkedIn Profile.
Here are four tips for building your executive brand on LinkedIn.
Before you start crafting your professional image, you need to know what that is. Are you an industry thought leader? Or do you want to leverage your career as a professional through networking?
Knowing this will help you streamline your online image so it aligns with your professional goals.
Once you have a clear vision for your professional brand, take time to make any personal accounts private, like your Facebook or Instagram, unless you plan to keep those in line with your professional identity.
Next, you'll want to focus on crafting a strong LinkedIn summary. The first two lines are what will show up in a profile search. This is where you'll capture the attention of recruiters, hiring managers and other professionals.
Avoid using clichés like results-oriented or hard-working. Instead, think about your professional brand and what makes you unique as an employee.
Your summary doesn't have to be too formal, either. It's not your resume, so use the opportunity to inject some personality into the content.
Make sure you upload a headshot and a background image on your LinkedIn profile. Don't settle for the default background header if you're trying to get noticed. It's an opportunity to find an image that helps solidify your brand - whether that's a stock image or a personal photo.
Cultivating your executive brand on LinkedIn means you're going to have to log-in regularly. Set aside time in your day to check out updates, read messages, share articles and interact with other users on the platform. Make sure to join groups, follow influential users and connect with others in your industry.
You don't have to spend all day on the site - if you keep active on the platform and focus on sharing and posting thoughtful content, you're well on your way to establishing your executive brand.
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