Smart Cities: Montreal

Computerworld | Feb 6, 2017

Montreal's smart city strategy is built on strong partnerships with its vibrant community of startups. Computerworld braved a blustery winter storm to see what this Quebecois city has to offer.

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The Quebecois city of Montreal has long been known as a hotbed of creativity -- home of Cirque du Soleil and a hub for companies in the online gaming and special effects industries, not to mention its place as a financial and trade capital.
And now that commitment to creativity is spurring the city to explore a range of unique new smartphone apps and other startup-generated initiatives that leverage sensors, data collection and analysis, and machine learning to deal with snow removal, ever-increasing traffic and other municipal challenges.
One Innocite MTL startup Key2Access, is testing an app to make it safer for disabled people as they cross the street.  Another of the startups, Infra.AI,
intends to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to scan high resolution images of the city’s streets and buildings to find sagging bridge spans, dying street trees or potholes over a foot in size.
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