What drives you? Tesla can

IDG News Service | Oct 20, 2016

Tesla is now producing all of its cars with full self-driving hardware.

Tesla is kicking humans out of the driver’s seat

From now on, all Tesla cars, including the Model 3, will come with full self-driving capabilities

Model X and Model S cars with the new self-driving hardware are already on sale

But the new features will be enabled later, through over-the-air updates, after much more testing

The new hardware means the cars won’t need humans for steering, braking, or accelerating

(But by law, a person will still need to be sitting behind the wheel)

The self-driving package includes a radar, 8 surround cameras, and 12 ultrasonic sensors

Plus an onboard computer that’s 40 times more powerful than the previous model

Elon Musk says the goal is to travel from LA to NYC fully autonomously by the end of next year