Panasonic sends data by human touch

IDG News Service | Oct 5, 2016

Panasonic has developed a prototype data transmission system that sends data via human touch.

This system lets you transfer data with a touch


Watch this, with just a handshake the color of the dress on the left changes to match the color of the watch on the right.

It works thanks to a prototype data transmission system that sends data by human touch.

It’s been developed by Panasonic and in these demos, the color of the watch corresponds to the data that is being sent.

With the yellow watch on, shake hands and the color is sent to the skirt and it glows yellow.

Or in this demo, the color of the ball is transmitted with a touch to a lamp.

Or to a speaker, which says the name of the color.

Or to software that flies via Google Earth to a place on the planet with the same color. Tokyo Tower for red in this case.

It works by sending an RF field across the surface of the skin to a receiver, either in an object or worn by another person.

The demos aren’t that useful, but Panasonic hopes the system will one day be miniaturized to fit inside a watch, fitness tracker or smartphone.

Then it could transmit contact information with a handshake, in lieu of a business card, or unlock a door with just a touch.