This Dutch 'Flying Car' can be yours in 2018

IDG News Service | Sep 12, 2016

The PAL-V One is a combination car and gyroplane and can transform from land to air vehicle in about 10 minutes.

This is the PAL-V One and it claims to be the first commercial flying car

The PAL-V One is both a car and gyroplane

It can reach speeds of up to 112 mph on land and in the air

A gasoline engine spins a propeller behind the cabin

As the vehicle gains speed, wind begins to spin the rotor on the top enough to lift it

Its maker says the PAL-V One is safer and easier to control than a helicopter because it can’t stall

Even if the engine fails, the rotor keeps rotating, allowing for a safe landing

Transformation from an air to a land vehicle takes about 10 minutes

The PAL-V conforms to EU and US safety standards and requires operators to get a pilot license

Deliveries in North America are expected to begin in 2018

and the vehicle will likely cost $599,000