High-tech gifts for your home bar

IDG.TV | Nov 20, 2015

Wine gadgets. Beer gadgets. Cocktail gadgets. Drink up!

The Coravin 1000 lets you extract a glass of your finest wine without disturbing the cork.

Slide in the medical-grade needle. The bottle fills with Argon gas.

Pour your vino. It tastes fantastic.

Remove the needle and the cork reseals. There’s no oxidation—because Argon.

Enjoy a bottle over weeks, months or years.

It’s a game changer.

Coravin 1000 * $300 * coravin.com

Holland’s Medea Vodka knows how to party.

Program your message on the bottle or with a mobile app.

Added bonus: Wicked-tasty martinis.

Medea Vodka * $40 * medeavodka.com

symGLASS pubWARE looks and feels like glass. But it’s really a high-tech polymer.

It’s got the heft of glass, but won’t get cloudy from dishwashing.

We still haven’t broken one—and believe us, we’ve tried.

pubWARE * $25 to $60 for sets of 4 * pubware.com

The Corkcicle.Air keeps white wine chilled, long after you’ve opened it.

Just freeze the thermal-gel icicle, then insert it in your bottle.

No more ice buckets. No more warm wine.

There’s a beer version too. Hello, Chillsner! You make us better people.

They come in two-packs, too.

Corkcicle.Air & Chillsner * $25 & $30 * corkcicle.com

The Woodinville Age Your Own Whiskey Kit lets you explore DIY whiskey without a still.

Pour in Woodinville’s White Dog grain spirit. It’s basically moonshine. Unaged.

But give it a little time.

Because the barrel is so small, your hooch touches more surface area…

And mellows within three to six months.

OK, it’s not high-tech. But it’s whiskey, damn it. There’s no app for that.

Woodinville Whiskey Kit * $150 * woodinvillewhiskeyco.com

The Cooper Cooler chills down warm cans and bottles super-super fast.

Just pour in ice and water, then take it for a spin.

Beer cans chill in a minute. Wine takes six.

And don’t worry about exploding cans. Rotation doesn-’t upset carbonation—for the win.

Cooper Cooler * $80 * coopercooler.com