Treasure Data wants to be your cloud-based analytics infrastructure

IDG.TV | Sep 23, 2015

Treasure Data is designed to be easy for engineers and responsive to product managers and data scientists, says CTO Kazuki Ohta.

Presenter: The dream here is, if you have one database in the world, that should be Treasure Data.
Presenter: Seven years ago, I got interested in another system called Hadoop. Hadoop is open source software invented by Doug Cutting and presented today too. That's an open source software to handle a massive amount of data.
It was five people in our community, but now my community has 2,000 people, and it has just exploded because of big data "Hadoopers." Through that explosion, I learned from these 2,000 audiences, where now we all know data is exploding, but the engineers who can build and maintain the system to handle that amount of data is not increasing.
I did see the clear talent gap in the future. That's why I founded this company called Treasure Data, to basically provide cloud based analytics infrastructure, so that everyone can just consume or subscribe our service, and then start processing the data. We started from zero but right now, we're ingesting or collecting the data, a million records per second.
It's like, "A million, a million..." That amount of data is coming every second, from servers, from mobiles, automotives, windmills, and Pebble smartwatches, such from all over the globe. We're growing from three people to a hundred people right now, and 50 to 60 are in US, California, 35 in Tokyo. We just opened up a Korean office, January, and we also have multiple engineers all over the globe.
It's been quite a journey. DEMO was a good place to reach out to all the CIOs, investors, or entrepreneurial network. We felt like this is a great chance to promote our solution to that audiences. Also, our marketing has been focusing more like West Coast, so it's actually the first time for me to come to East Coast. We have multiple customers here, too, so I felt that there is a lot of chance here, as well, in Boston.
The challenge we are facing right now is, because big data is so hot, at the same time, it was a bust. There are a thousand companies in the category, but they're all a little different. Every company's challenge in big data right now is they need to differentiate. But because there are so many [laughs] competitors, you just can't differentiate a lot in terms of marketing messages.
What we do, right now, is we really do more like learn from the customers. We learn from customers one by one, trying to build up our customer base, learning a new segment in the industry. That's how we believe, mid to longer term, we'll differentiate from all the other competitors.