R2-D2 airplane cleared for takeoff

IDG News Service | Sep 14, 2015

A Boeing 787 rolled out of the factory with an R2-D2 livery. It will go into service for Japan's ANA starting in October.


A new Boeing 787 Dreamliner painted like R2D2 and will go into service with Japanese carrier ANA on October 18.

The jet rolled out of Boeing's Washington factory this weekend. It will initially fly between Tokyo and Vancouver, but extend to other cities like Seattle, Munich, Paris, Sydney and others later on.

The plane has 215 seats and inside the napkins, headsets and cups will be themed as well. The seatback entertainment will include all 6 Star Wars movies.

Themed airplanes are an anomaly in the US, but in Asia it's not uncommon to see them, like this Hello Kitty plane from China's Eva Air.

The 787-9 Dreamliner is Boeing's newest passenger plane. Its cabin is pressurized to a lower altitude and that's supposed to be less fatiguing in passengers. It has bigger windows, quieter engines and uses composite materials for fuel efficiency.

The R2D2 jet is the first of three airplanes that will be decorated with Star Wars characters. A Boeing 767 and 777will be decorated with BB-8, a new character from The Force Awakens. The 767 will fly domestic routes in Japan starting in November and in March of next year the 777 will fly between Japan and New York, Chicago and Houston.