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What is the Nvidia-Arm merger? Here's how it affects the tech industry

Computerworld | Sep 21, 2020

Just about a week ago, Nvidia announced its $40 billion deal to acquire Arm from its current owner SoftBank. This deal would be the biggest by dollar value in the semiconductor industry, but it’s not without regulatory challenges. Plus, competitors may be concerned about how this will affect future Arm licensing agreements and if the deal will cause Arm to lose its customer-neutral model. On this episode of Today in Tech, Juliet presents an overview of the historic deal, what hurdles it will face with regulators and why companies like Apple, Intel or Qualcomm may be apprehensive about the Nvidia-Arm merger. Read more about the Nvidia-Arm merger: Powered by Apple silicon, what will future Macs look like?: How much will Macs with Apple Silicon cost?: Follow Juliet on Twitter:

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