Best analytics and business intelligence tools for enterprises

The best self-serve analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools for enterprises, from Looker and Domo, to Tibco and Tableau

Alternative iOS Browsers [teaser]

11 smart browser alternatives to Safari for iOS

While all iOS browsers today use the same core rendering engine as Safari, many of them offer additional functions useful in the enterprise. We've rounded up 11 Safari alternatives -- some talkative, some secretive -- for Apple's iOS....

Windows 10 alternatives: Best free, open source operating systems

If you haven't come to terms with Windows 10 we look at some impressive open source alternatives to consider

CW > In Memoriam 2018 > Luminaries we lost this year [slideshow cover]

Tech luminaries we lost in 2018

Hailing from five different nations, the 13 remarkable women and men memorialized here had a lasting influence on technology and the world.


The top 10 stories of 2018: Blockchain rises, open source reigns, trust wanes

Optimists can look at 2018 and point to GDPR privacy protections, the launch of blockchain business apps and the creativity of the open-source community as signs technology can lead us to a safe and prosperous future. Meanwhile,...

GDPR compliance tools: How regtech can help companies comply with GDPR

Making the case for new regtech Image by iStock New tools should be investigated thoroughly before they are adopted. GDPR regtech is a young area of technology largely comprised of unknown players...

Devops training courses for UK IT professionals

DevOpsGroup AcademyImage by © DevOpsGroupDevOpsGroup Academyoffers a range devops and agile courses at locations in London, Cardiff and Leeds. The company was known as DevOpsGuys until June 2018, when it decided to rebrand to reflect...

Apple wireless charging AirPower

16 wireless chargers for iPhones and Android devices

We've compiled a list of Qi-enabled chargers – including the new Google Pixel Stand – designed for use with Apple's latest iPhones and various Android devices.

Computerworld > Windows 10 Utilities > Slide #01 > Windows laptop surrounded by utility logos/icons

10 classic but essential (and free!) utilities for Windows 10

You can get more from Win10 by adding these useful tools.

How UK fintech startups are preparing for open banking

Monzo Image by © Monzo Popular challenger bank Monzo has released an "interim API" to coincide with the arrival of open banking, allowing access to third party companies authorised by the Financial...

A history of UK broadband roll out: BT, Openreach and other major milestones

2000: Broadband launch Image by iStock The first UK home broadband service was installed in Basildon, Essex by Mark Bush in 2000, making him NTL's (now Virgin Media) sole broadband customer during...

The UK's worst public sector IT disasters

We look back at some of the biggest government IT failures, from the National Programme for IT to Universal Credit

competition business speed laptop sprint determin leader

Hitting the road? Leave your laptop at home

Here's how to work on the go without all the extra hardware.

a team gathers around a table to work

10 spiffy new ways to show data with Excel

Here's how to splash your data in 10 clever ways that make it easy for people to understand what you are talking about.

01 dice 2018 tech salary report cover

How to get the top IT salary in 2018

We dug into the Dice 2018 Tech Salary Report to find the places, skills and industries that lead to the best information technology salary.

SfB slide 0 skype for business

How to use Skype for Business

Hosting a meeting, showing a presentation or holding a Q&A with Skype for Business is easy; attending someone else's meeting is even easier. Here's how to do it.

GDPR legal advice: lawyers give their top tips for GDPR preparation

Understand where it applies Image by iStock The GDPR may be an EU legislation, but that doesn't make British organisations exempt. It will apply in the UK while the country remains in the EU, and be...

browser logos

Think you know web browsers? Take this quiz and prove it.

The browser isn't as glamorous as it used to be, but it's still among the most powerful and reliable tools of the Information Age. On the 25th anniversary of Mosaic – remember that? – take our quiz on the history and technology of...

Smart apps to smooth business travel

10 travel apps to smooth your next business trip

These business-friendly travel apps for iOS and Android can help you leave the stress at home.

0 video conferencing

8 lesser-known videoconferencing options for work

If some of your workers are too far away to join you in your huddle room, here are eight options to help them feel they're really there.

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