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Notable technology acquisitions 2019

The biggest technology acquisitions in 2019, including Google buying Fitbit, Salesforce picking up Tableau and ClickSoftware, and Apple snapping up Intel's smartphone modem business

Top UK IT job hiring trends in 2019

A look ahead for what could prove to be a turbulent year for the UK's IT industry, what skills to get on your CV and general job prospects across the sector

UK companies developing driverless cars

ZenzicImage by iStockZenzicis a ‘co-ordination hub’ joint venture launched by the UK government and the Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) industry back in 2017 to focus on the key areas of UK capability in the global connected...

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Companies developing 5G in the UK

Here are some of the leading companies working on 5G in the UK

How to hire and retain IT talent in the UK

Hiring is a challenge within itself, however the real work starts once the contract is signed. Here's how UK firms can retain the best tech talent

How AI is impacting the UK's legal sector

We examine the impact of artificial intelligence on the UK's legal sector

Most in-demand cyber security jobs in the UK

We reveal the top security jobs for all aspiring IT pros

Computerworld > 5 Best Smartphones for Enterprise 2019 [cover]

The 5 best smartphones for business in 2019

With flagship phones topping $1,000, IT departments need more affordable options that deliver quality, speed and security. Here are the best midrange smartphones for enterprise deployment today.

Best online payment alternatives to PayPal

WePayImage by Getty Images/iStockphotoWePayis an integrated payments solution that claims to have the “scale of JP Morgan”. Its flexible API-based integrated payments provide merchants with a complete, end-to-end payment solution...

Computerworld > The Evolution of the MacBook [cover]

The evolution of the MacBook

From the early PowerBook to the latest MacBook Air, we explore the evolution of Apple's laptops and the innovative changes each generation brought.

How UK companies are using the IBM Watson AI system

Moorfields Eye HospitalImage by iStockMoorfields Eye Hospital launched a Watson-powered chatbot to answer queriers from patients, staff and the public in July 2019. The Oriel Assistant will initially be used to field questions about...

Best IT apprenticeships in the UK

Facebook Image by iStock Would you like to work for one of the biggest tech giants in the world? Facebook runs an impressive software engineering apprenticeship scheme. Based in London, the programme...

Best smart cities in the UK

Milton KeynesImage by iStockMilton Keynes is one of the fastest growing UK cities, and designed to a population of 250,000 the city has made different developments to enhance the infrastructure. To support this, MK:Smart- a large...

Top UK universities working on AI

Anglia Ruskin University Image by iStock In 2019, Anglia Ruskin University partnered with a number of local UK companies to help close the AI skills gap. Following this, the university launched for...

Apple AirPods Wireless Charging Case

16 multi-device wireless chargers to replace Apple’s defunct AirPower

Disappointed that Apple’s long-promised AirPower wireless charging pad never made it to market? Check out these alternatives for iPhones and Android devices.

Top UK Blockchain Initiatives

Isle of Man Global Hub Image by iStock In early February 2019 an advisory body on the Isle of Man launched a global hub for the development of blockchain initiatives. The body, the Digital Isle of...

How UK banks are looking to use AI and machine learning

Building AI teams Image by iStock UK bank Natwest is looking to leverage AI across its business by building a dedicated AI team in-house. This team has already identified using AI to improve its...

Women in tech: The best female-led tech meetups in the UK

Women in Tech LondonImage by iStockThis tech meetup is focused on diversity and upskilling. In between face-to-face meetings they run webinar sessions covering topics like soft skills and confidence building. Aims: 'Women in tech...

Best analytics and business intelligence tools for enterprises

The best self-serve analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools for enterprises, from Looker and Domo, to Tibco and Tableau

Alternative iOS Browsers [teaser]

11 smart browser alternatives to Safari for iOS

While all iOS browsers today use the same core rendering engine as Safari, many of them offer additional functions useful in the enterprise. We've rounded up 11 Safari alternatives -- some talkative, some secretive -- for Apple's iOS....

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