Common interview questions for developers

What development methodology are you most familiar with? Image by Getty/ vgajic The interviewer is eager to know how you would fit into their organisation and its environment, so one of the ways to do...

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The most significant data breaches in the UK

The biggest data breaches that have affected people in the UK, including Facebook's breach of 18 million UK phone numbers

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Best meetups for UK IT professionals

These are some UK communities for IT professionals looking to expand their knowledge and network with like-minded professionals in the industry

Top software failures in recent history

The biggest software failures in recent history including ransomware attacks, IT outages and data leakages that have affected some of the biggest companies and millions of customers around the world

The hottest enterprise tech startups to watch in 2020

Our pick of the hottest enterprise technology startups in the world right now, including founding team and funding

UK healthtech startups to watch

Pando Health Image by iStock Founded in 2016 by two UK-based doctors and a serial entrepreneur, Pando Health is a messaging app that allows healthcare professionals to communicate securely. The...

Should I work for a startup? Reasons why you should work for a startup

Workplace benefits Although financially the salary may not be as high as that of a larger company, there are a number of perks that startups will often offer their employees that you might not get...

UK insurtech startups to watch

Zego Image by © Zego Founded in 2016 by former Deliveroo directors Harry Franks and Sten Saar, alongside CTO Stuart Kelly, Zego started life as a way for gig economy workers to get commercial...

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Best email provider for business

What to considerImage by Rawpixel / GoogleThere are plenty of things to consider before taking the plunge when picking any new software. Usability is extremely important, especially if you're going to have a large amount of staff...

Best free cloud storage 2020

Data rich but cash poor? Here are the best free cloud storage solutions out there today

The best technology podcasts to listen to in 2020

This Week in Tech Hosted by Leo Laporte, who also hosts ‘This Week in Google,’ TWiT offers a weekly roundtable discussion with guest appearances as they discuss the latest tech trends in detail. With...

IT salary expectations for 2020: How much should UK IT pros be earning?

How much should you earn this year? Read on to see how salaries are set to increase for IT jobs in the UK – whether you are a CIO, network engineer or security architect...

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The highest paying UK IT jobs for 2020

Find out the highest paying jobs across the IT and technology sector in the UK

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The major milestones of the Government Digital Service (GDS)

We look at the key moments in the history of GDS

CW  >  In Memoriam 2019  >  Luminaries we lost this year

Tech luminaries we lost in 2019

We remember scientists, programmers, engineers, and business leaders who bettered the world through technology.

UK regtech startups to watch

Onfido Image by © Onfido London startup Onfido is using machine learning to provide organisations with faster access to robust identity and background checks for employees and clients. Founded by a...

What we learned at AWS re:invent 2019

The key announcements and takeaways from another busy week with the cloud computing giant in Las Vegas this week

Innovative UK companies using and sharing open data

Citymapper Image by Credit: Citymapper Citymapper uses open data to power a free mobile app that helps people the healthiest, fastest and cheapest travel routes across a city. It provides this by...

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