How AI is impacting the UK's legal sector

We examine the impact of artificial intelligence on the UK's legal sector

The most significant data breaches

The biggest data breaches that have affected people in the UK.

How governments around the world are using blockchain

Blockchain in government: How governments in the UK, US, Estonia, Switzerland, Georgia and others are using blockchain to improve public services and create new businesses

Notable technology acquisitions 2019

The biggest technology acquisitions in 2019, including HPE picking up the assets from MapR, Salesforce picking up Tableau and ClickSoftware, and Apple snapping up Intel's smartphone modem business

The top UK cities where people in tech want to work

We take a look at the top 8 cities in the UK for tech workers

Top software failures in recent history

The biggest software failures in recent history including ransomware attacks, IT outages and data leakages that have affected some of the biggest companies and millions of customers around the world

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The highest paying UK IT jobs for 2019

SecurityImage by ChakisAtelier / Getty ImagesSecurity is a crucial part of every organisation, and salaries often reflect that. Generally people working in the security department investigate for any security attacks or potential...

Biggest technology IPOs 2019 so far

Dynatrace - August 2019Image by © DynatraceMassachusetts-based application performance management (APM) software vendor Dynatrace floated on 1 August, with shares jumping up 49 percent, helping the company - which is majority-owned...

Most in-demand cyber security jobs in the UK

We reveal the top security jobs for all aspiring IT pros

The major milestones of the Government Digital Service (GDS)

Computerworld UK takes a look at some of the major milestones of GDS to date.

Computerworld > 5 Best Smartphones for Enterprise 2019 [cover]

The 5 best smartphones for business in 2019

With flagship phones topping $1,000, IT departments need more affordable options that deliver quality, speed and security. Here are the best midrange smartphones for enterprise deployment today.

Best online payment alternatives to PayPal

WePay Image by Getty Images/iStockphoto WePayis an integrated payments solution that claims to have the “scale of JP Morgan”. Its flexible API-based integrated payments provide merchants with a...

Computerworld > The Evolution of the MacBook [cover]

The evolution of the MacBook

From the early PowerBook to the latest MacBook Air, we explore the evolution of Apple's laptops and the innovative changes each generation brought.

Best TED Talks on artificial intelligence

How AI can save humanity Image by iStock In this bite-size 15 minute Ted Talk, computer scientist and technology investor Kai-Fu discusses how humans - with our natural empathy - can prosper alongside...

Real-world uses of the blockchain today, from supply chain to equity

Empire Hotels turns to blockchain to protect hotel bookings Image by iStock Empire Hotelshas developed a hotel booking platform that increases security and reduces administration fees by processing...

How UK companies are using the IBM Watson AI system

Moorfields Eye Hospital Image by iStock Moorfields Eye Hospital launched a Watson-powered chatbot to answer queriers from patients, staff and the public in July 2019. The Oriel Assistant will...

The biggest ICO fines for data protection breaches and GDPR contraventions

British Airways - fined proposed £183m in July 2019 Image by iStock The ICO announced it intended to fine British Airways a record £183.39 million over a data breach that compromised the personal...

Tips for choosing the right ERP system

What to consider Image by iStock Every ERP system should fit well with your existing IT and back-office infrastructure. An ERP system that fits perfectly will help in transforming back-office...

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