Virtual Event

At this digital roundtable – alongside your peers and in partnership with Equinix – you will get the chance to discuss how well your business continuity plans have held up through the pandemic, what has changed and what you will keep after the crisis has dissipated.

Virtual Event

During this Digital Big Conversation you will learn about the wider industry headwinds which are shaping enterprise infrastructure of the future and how AMD itself is changing the game with its multicore EPYC platform, allowing customers to squeeze more out of their existing data centre envelope at a lower total cost of ownership.

Virtual Event

At this CIO Digital Roundtable, you will get the opportunity to discuss your digital transformation path with your peers and how the COVID-19 pandemic may or may not have shifted that trajectory.

The May Fair Hotel, London

The inaugural CSO30 is a celebration of the role of the CSO and recognises the leading security executives in the UK.


The CIO 100 is a showcase of the crucial technology projects, IT strategies, innovations, ideas, change management and transformation initiatives CIOs in and from the UK are delivering to customers, organisations, partners and sectors.