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Liverpool addresses healthcare inequalities with Livernerds Lab testbed

The facility is testing new remote healthcare tech in a smart room that simulates a hospital room and a smart house that replicates a patient’s home

How UK companies are using virtual reality and augmented reality

A growing range of companies are slowly proving that VR and AR can have valuable uses

Best online payment alternatives to PayPal

WePay Image by Getty Images/iStockphoto WePayis an integrated payments solution that claims to have the “scale of JP Morgan”. Its flexible API-based integrated payments provide merchants with a...

Chrome Capture Screenshots

The smarter way to capture screenshots in Chrome

Need to capture a screenshot in Chrome? This handy hidden command will be your new best friend.

How UK companies are using the IBM Watson AI system

Moorfields Eye Hospital Image by iStock Moorfields Eye Hospital launched a Watson-powered chatbot to answer queriers from patients, staff and the public in July 2019. The Oriel Assistant will...

Moorfields Eye Hospital launches chatbot to cope with strained resources

The Oriel assistant will initially answer questions about a £344m proposed move to a new eye care facility but Moorfields is already planning further features for patients

How Mitel brought its communications blueprint to MLB's London Series

The Canadian telco had to bring its communications technology infrastructure into the London Stadium along with the baseball diamond and the two teams to ensure the smooth running of the first ever London series

Tips for choosing the right ERP system

What to consider Image by iStock Every ERP system should fit well with your existing IT and back-office infrastructure. An ERP system that fits perfectly will help in transforming back-office...

Aviva launches algorithmic decision agent ADA to hyper-personalise marketing

Damian Rumble, a senior data scientist in Aviva’s customer science team, told Computerworld UK how ADA is powering more responsive and effective marketing campaigns

Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust turns to RPA to slash admin time

Sandra Easton, CFO at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation NHS Trust, explains how the new Centre of Excellence for robotic process automation (RPA) can serve as a model for every NHS Trust

What are the advantages of open source software in the enterprise?

Lower total cost of ownership Image by iStock The most obvious advantage of open source software is the products are normally free to download, although it does incur running costs such as storage and...

Skype alternatives: The best video conferencing software

Google Hangouts Meet Image by iStock Google Hangoutsis a simple and easy-to-use web conferencing software that can be accessed by anyone with a Gmail account. The Hangouts Meet feature allows users to...

Gmail Snoozing

A simple way to supercharge Gmail snoozing

Make Gmail's snoozing feature far more powerful with this easy-to-implement efficiency-boosting enhancement.

How Bloom and Wild cope with the flower industry's busiest days of the year

The scalability offered by Zendesk removes the headache for the online flower retailer’s ‘customer delight’ team during Valentine’s and Mother’s Day

Tableau CEO eyes 'time machine leap forward' after Salesforce acquisition

The Tableau CEO sat down with Computerworld UK to talk about joining forces with Salesforce, how it will rapidly expand its enterprise reach and the first steps to bringing the two vendor's products closer together

How Trustpilot pivoted to infrastructure-as-code and serverless first

Massive Danish consumer website Trustpilot is on a bold drive to go totally serverless, which it hopes could translate to a 10x saving in cloud compute costs

Best web analytics tools: Alternatives to Google Analytics

Mouseflow Image by iStock Mouseflowprovides a session replay and heatmapping tool, enabling users to see how people are using the website. This includes observing the behaviour of visitors on the...

Best free DNS services 2019

Ditching the default DNS service can boost performance, reliability and security. Here are the options

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