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collab software

The Complete Guide to Collaboration Software

We share some of our favourite collaboration tools, how vendors and businesses have responded to the pandemic, and best practice around remote working and the security requirements that comes with it.

How Brit Insurance took a startup approach to Ki launch

Due to go live next year, the Ki platform will allow brokers to insure complex assets like satellites and skyscrapers from their home or mobile for the first time

Chrome OS Chromebooks

Chrome OS: Tips, tools, and other Chromebook intelligence

Your one-stop source for Chrome OS advice, insight, and analysis — from someone who's covered Chromebooks closely since the start.

FCA further delays two-factor online shopping authentication by 6 months

The new rule, which will force payments platforms and online retailers to strongly authenticate purchases of £28 or more has been delayed by another six months amidst the COVID-19 pandemic


The Complete Guide to Videoconferencing

Computerworld conducted a series of group video calls via Cisco Webex Meetings, Google Meet, LogMeIn GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams and Zoom to try to discover which system provides the best service for the millions of people around the...

Playfair Capital, Tech Nation launch remote pitching event for female founders

The virtual-based office hours is to connect female founders with early-stage VC investors who will provide business advice and investments

UK tech unicorns ask chancellor for access to emergency loans

The 'unicorn letter', sent by some of the best-funded private technology companies in the country, asks the chancellor to form an urgent taskforce to give them access to government-backed lending schemes during the pandemic

British startups locked out of COVID-19 business continuity schemes

Many startups in Britain either do not intend to or cannot access the government's Coronavirus Business Interruption and Loan Scheme, and may be forced to respond with furloughs or layoffs, warns a report

How are UK tech startups helping fight coronavirus?

Health startups are being corralled by the NHS and the government to point their talents at the COVID-19 pandemic, while others are volunteering services to help stymie the spread of the infectious new disease

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Microsoft to shift SMBs' Office subscriptions to 'Microsoft 365' brand

The change, which takes place April 21, is designed 'to reflect the range of features and benefits in the subscription' plans, the company said.

complete guide to coronavirus

The Complete Guide to how IT can respond to the coronavirus

We take a look at the impact COVID-19 has had on organizations across the globe and how technology is allowing both employers and employees to overcome the disruption and ensure business continues as normal, including guides to the...

typewriter are you ready prepare contingency disaster recovery

Enterprise resilience: Backup and management tips for iOS, Mac

Do you have a business resilience strategy in place in case things go wrong?

online learning

The Complete Guide to Online Learning

We highlight some of the top new online learning platforms, as we hear from the likes of Pluralsight, Coursera and Udacity, and the most in-demand IT skills they are serving.

The changing face of UK venture capital 2020

This year we widened our search for the next generation of UK venture capitalists to include not just women but young people, people of colour and those from underprivileged backgrounds

The Changing Face of UK VC 2020: Mina Mutafchieva, Principal, Dawn Capital

We spoke with Mutafchieva to discuss her experience since entering the VC industry a few months back and her views on having a balanced investor team

The Changing Face of UK VC 2020: Pascale Diaine, Storm Ventures

We sat down with Diaine to talk about her route into the industry and why she is "extremely biased towards investing in women"

The Changing Face of UK VC 2020: Andy Davis, angel investor at Atomico and venture partner at Backstage Capital

We spoke with Andy Davis about his experience breaking into the venture capital industry and his big moves over the years, highlighting everything from his work at Backstage Capital to 10x10 VC

Top software failures in recent history

The biggest software failures in recent history including ransomware attacks, IT outages and data leakages that have affected some of the biggest companies and millions of customers around the world

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