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Windows 10 Schriftzug über einem Windows-Logo mit Schattenwurf

Lockdown Mode in iOS 16 on two iPhones

How Fake Lockdown Mode can fool you into a sense of security

Don't panic, but a team of security researchers have figured out how to fool people into thinking they have Lockdown Mode enabled when they don't.

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The arrival of genAI could cover critical skills gaps, reshape IT job market

Facing a tech talent shortage, many corporate leaders see generative AI applications such as ChatGPT as one way to fill the gap by taking on tasks normally handled by workers.

A mobile phone target struck with multiple arrows in a bullseye.

Apple secures WebKit as global ransomware attacks surge

Apple has released an emergency security update to protect users against two zero-day security vulnerabilities it believes have already been exploited.

Women looking worried at her iPhone

Unused Gmail accounts head to the chopping block

Google is about to go on a purge for security purposes — save your old account by signing in by December 1.

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GenAI is highly inaccurate for business use — and getting more opaque

As generative AI platforms ingest greater oceans of data and get connected to more and more corporate databases, researchers are sounding an alarm: the tools are highly inaccurate and becoming more inscrutable.

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How to go incognito in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari

While incognito mode in any of the big four web browsers offers a measure of privacy, it doesn’t completely hide your tracks online. Here’s how the feature works in each browser, and how to use it.

apple security

What is Contact Key Verification and how is it used?

Apple’s iMessage will soon offer a new secure identity verification system enterprise professionals might want to use: Contact Key Verification.

Microsoft Notfall-Update

Critical zero-day flaws in Windows, Office mean it's time to patch

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday release for November delivers 63 updates, with three zero-day flaws affecting Windows and Office. That makes quick patching a must.

virtual update button hovers over a keyboard

How to manually update Microsoft Defender

It’s imperative to keep Microsoft Defender up to date even when Windows Update isn’t working. Here are several methods to manually update Defender.

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Windows Hello for Business: Passwordless authentication for Windows shops

Microsoft has brought biometric sign-in to Windows 10 business and enterprise users with Windows Hello for Business. Here’s how it works and how to deploy it to your users.

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Q&A: Cisco CIO sees AI embedded in every product and process

After little more than a year on the job, Cisco CIO Fletcher Previn can already see that AI will create productivity and efficiency gains well worth the money spent on developing domain-specific models to address internal and external...


Splunk cuts 7% of workforce ahead of Cisco acquisition

The layoffs are happening in the wake of a market retraction, Splunk CEO Gary Steele said.

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New Jamf CEO John Strosahl on Apple in the enterprise, Jamf's future

John Strosahl became CEO in September when he took over from Dean Hager. We caught up with him to discuss Apple's growing role in the enterprise and the future of his company.

artificial intelligence

What exactly will the UK government's global AI Safety Summit achieve?

With the first global AI Safety Summit beginning in the UK on Nov. 1, questions remain over whether the event will facilitate a meaningful outcome and if there will ever be a global consensus on AI regulation.

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Biden lays down the law on AI

The White House today issued a long-awaited executive order that hammers out clear rules and oversight measures to ensure artificial intelligence is kept in check, while also providing paths for it to grow.

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‘Data poisoning’ anti-AI theft tools emerge — but are they ethical?

New tools that can corrupt digitized artwork and other copyrighted materials are emerging to thwart generative AI models that scrape the internet to learn and provide content.

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White House to issue AI rules for federal employees

President Biden is expected to announce new rules requiring government agencies to more fully assess AI tools to ensure they're safe and don't expose sensitive information. The government is also expected to loosen immigration...

facial recognition - biometric security identification

Android’s new biometric spec for 'strong security' is anything but

When Google rolled out its latest biometrics specs for Android devices, its top-level 'strong security' option allowed “a spoof and imposter acceptance rate not higher than 7%.” Most biometrics specialists argue that's much too high;...

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