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BT bets big on Canonical for core 5G network

The foundations for the future of BT's 5G network are open source, as well as supporting edge services and practically every virtualised aspect. Group chief architect Neil McRae explains why Canonical was the natural fit

Linux security lock bullseye vs. macOS and Windows

Best online Linux courses

Linux AcademyImage by ITWorld ShopThe Linux Academy provides an online platform with several Linux-related courses available to choose from. It includes a hands-on training platform, which follows a learn-by-doing procedure for users...

What are the advantages of open source software in the enterprise?

Lower total cost of ownership Image by iStock The most obvious advantage of open source software is the products are normally free to download, although it does incur running costs such as storage and...

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How to send Slack messages with R

In this episode of Do More With R, Sharon shows you how to send Slack messages using R. It may not seem helpful at first, but there's plenty of uses. You can even use it to notify yourself or others when a lengthy R script finishes...

With Constellation, DataStax wants to make Apache Cassandra 'push button' easy

The CEO of DataStax talks about its new as-a-service offering, its latest partnership with Google Cloud and how it has mended relations with the wider Apache Cassandra community

QuantumBlack open sources its data analytics framework

The McKinsey acquisition that first got its start in F1 analytics hopes to set a new industry standards

What's happening with the Linux sustainable energy initiative? An update from LF Energy

The body, which aims to make energy usage drastically more efficient with an open source framework, has added more than 20 new members and established three projects

The enterprise service mesh ecosystem comes into focus

With all of the major cloud providers now offering a service mesh solution, as well as some smaller providers, has the technology finally arrived on the enterprise stage?

Appian CEO Matt Calkins: openness is the way to go

Appian founder and board game designer Matt Calkins believes that "openness is the way to go" with regards to running the proprietary low-code provider, and said that - while there are no plans at present - he hasn't ruled out open...

Everything Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst would say about the IBM deal

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst discusses what he can regarding the IBM-Red Hat acquisition, which has just this week been approved by the US Department of Justice

Red Hat CTO Chris Wright: we're creating an autonomic platform

We sat down with Red Hat CTO Chris Wright to discuss open source's apparent victory, and what contributors might need their guard up about in light of increasing interest in open source communities

How does OpenStack fit in to a newly independent SUSE?

The OpenStack Foundation chairman of the board Alan Clark talks us through OpenStack, open infrastructure and the future of SUSE

Blizzard reduces Overwatch VM footprint by 40% with OpenStack Senlin

Video game maker Blizzard Entertainment turned to OpenStack Senlin to help autoscale resource during times of unpredictable traffic for its hugely popular first-person shooter Overwatch

How OpenStack supports Verizon Media's publications

Despite a long tail of legacy, custom applications originating in the Yahoo era, the team managed to move over 4 million cores to technology like OpenStack Ironic

How Monzo built a bank with open infrastructure

Miles Bryant, platform engineer at Monzo, shared some observations from the microservices-based challenger bank at the recent Open Infrastructure Day event in London.

Community pursues tighter Kubernetes integration in Openstack Stein

Steady improvements to edge, bare metal, and better interoperability with other open source community projects are all part of the latest release from the open source infrastructure platform

Google Cloud launches fully managed serverless product Cloud Run

The public cloud vendor is going beyond simple functions as-a-service with Cloud Run, which promises customers a fully managed serverless execution environment

HSBC Devops Engineer: Build the tooling and they will come

The giant bank is pushing its IT culture towards cloud and devops, but getting the tooling right is key to changing the culture, according to its digital platform devops engineer Richard Dalton

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