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Liverpool addresses healthcare inequalities with Livernerds Lab testbed

The facility is testing new remote healthcare tech in a smart room that simulates a hospital room and a smart house that replicates a patient’s home

How IoT is helping fight malnutrition in Tanzania with next-gen flour mills

Vodafone's IoT business supports agriculture company, Sanku to tackle malnutrition in Africa using IoT solution

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U.S. considers ban on all Chinese-made 5G hardware | TECH(feed)

It looks like 5G tension between the U.S. and China may get worse. Following a U.S. ban on business transactions with Chinese telecom giant Huawei, the Trump Administration has proposed a ban on any 5G equipment made in China. This...

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When should enterprises adopt 5G? | TECH(talk)

5G deployment is a hot topic, especially as many countries race to build next-generation networks. The U.S. has banned Huawei from contributing to its network construction, but will that really set the U.S. back? Amid all of the hype...

Ocado Technology COO talks life after the Waitrose deal

The Ocado Technology COO Anne Marie Neatham talks to Computerworld UK about how the grocery delivery company is doubling down on being a technology company

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U.S. bans Huawei business | TECH(feed)

Huawei has been under fire from the U.S. government for some time now. But a new move by the Trump administration targets Huawei and other companies accused of “posing an unacceptable risk” and bans Huawei from doing business in the...

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Why is the state of medical IoT so scary?

Security is the Achilles’ heel of all modern IoT technology, but the consequences of medical IoT hacking, in particular, can be disturbingly serious. A look at the state of the connected devices commonly found in hospitals, and why...


FDA and FCC consider blockchain technology | TECH(feed)

Blockchain is surrounded by a lot of hype .Blockchain is known for as the method for transferring crypto, but new considerations by U.S. federal agencies reveal uses for blockchain far beyond bitcoin. On this episode of TECH(feed),...

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Coming soon: A drone delivery service? | TECH(feed)

There’s been buzz for years about the potential drones have to change the way we get packages delivered. In a huge step towards making this a reality, the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States gave approval to a drone...

Top UK universities working on AI

Anglia Ruskin University Image by iStock In 2019, Anglia Ruskin University partnered with a number of local UK companies to help close the AI skills gap. Following this, the university launched for...

Top data analytics courses

LinkedIn Learning Image by iStock Formerly, LinkedIn Learning provides an impressive range of online courses covering pretty much every topic you can think of. LinkedIn Learning offers...

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Qualcomm and Apple settle lawsuit, plus, a look at the streaming service war | TECH(feed)

Qualcomm and Apple shocked many when the two companies settled their global, multi-billion dollar lawsuit. What could this settlement mean for 5G iPhones? Meanwhile, Intel pulls out of the 5G smartphone market. And, Netflix's earnings...

How IoT is being used in the public sector

Smart bins Image by iStock Local authorities have now introduced smart bins that can convey important information about their contents. They have become monitoring devices that can be leveraged for...

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How blockchain can work with IoT |TECH(talk)

Blockchain and IoT are two huge buzzwords in tech, but can they ever work together? Network World's Jon Gold joins Juliet to discuss how some enterprises can utilize blockchain technology in conjunction with their IoT devices. Could...

Northumbrian Water picks BT for LoRaWAN-based smart meter rollout

BT's LoRaWAN will serve the region's smart water projects and provide real-time data into the risk of overflow as well as providing general visibility to Northumbrian Water's operational infrastructure


Apple kills a product, blockchain jobs spike, and the potential for cloud VR | TECH(feed)

Fresh off its services showcase, Apple announced plans to kill a buzzed-about hardware product. Plus, jobs related to blockchain are up and learn how virtual reality may use 5G networks.


Russia demands VPN provider access | TECH(feed)

On today’s episode of TECH(feed), we talk about the first unicorn (that is, a startup valued at over $1 billion) to go public this year, whether or not United States criticism has affected Huawei revenue and how the Russian government...

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The top 10 companies and cities for blockchain developers

Job search site Indeed has seen a 90% increase in bitcoin, crypto and blockchain job postings over the past year. The reason, according to experts: companies using the distributed ledger tech are moving from pilot programs to...

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