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online learning

The Complete Guide to Online Learning

We highlight some of the top new online learning platforms, as we hear from the likes of Pluralsight, Coursera and Udacity, and the most in-demand IT skills they are serving.

Top software failures in recent history

The biggest software failures in recent history including ransomware attacks, IT outages and data leakages that have affected some of the biggest companies and millions of customers around the world

enterprise tech trends 2020

The Complete Guide to Enterprise Technology Trends in 2020

Here we have rounded up some key predictions for the year ahead, covering everything from the ongoing development of 5G connectivity across the UK and beyond, to the hottest trends in artificial intelligence and open source technology....


The Complete Guide to GDPR

Whether you treat GDPR as a threat, an opportunity, or a mix of the two, every organization needs to be compliant with the rules. Here is our complete guide to GDPR.


The Complete Guide to Sustainability

The relationship between the technology industry and the climate crisis.

The major hybrid cloud options compared: AWS Outposts vs Azure Stack vs Google Anthos

We compare the hybrid cloud solutions from the big three public cloud providers and beyond

open banking 2019

The Complete Guide to Open Banking

The fundamentals of open banking as it happens here in the UK: its origins and what key industry players need to consider when it comes to the opportunities and threats the regulation brings.

wireless communication network in big city concept iot ict picture id1026969404

Companies developing 5G in the UK

Here are some of the leading companies working on 5G in the UK

cloud migration

The Complete Guide to Cloud Migration

A selection of real-world stories of enterprise cloud migrations, from all-in moves to key databases or applications.

mr.guoping photo

Huawei chairman Guo Ping urges UK to defend free trade and globalisation

Guo Ping is confident that Huawei's supply of chips from Arm will survive the US trade ban and has called for the UK to embrace an open tech ecosystem

Real-world uses of the blockchain today, from supply chain to equity

Travelport settles hotel commissions with blockchainImage by ThinkstockTravelport, the provider of a Travel Commerce Platform that processes over $83 billion of spending per annum across airlines, car rentals, tour operators, hotels...

How the 4th industrial revolution will transform UK businesses

Industry 4.0 'Mastermind' Henrik von Scheel discusses the impact the fourth industrial revolution could have on the future of UK business

it in the nhs

The Complete Guide to IT in the NHS

We delve inside the government's healthtech unit.

the state of enterprise security

The State of Enterprise Security

We analyse the state of cybersecurity within UK organisations including key threats, main investment areas, and what is driving the security agenda within the business.

cloud storage 2019

The Complete Guide to Cloud Storage 2019

We compare the two biggest players in the market, look at some of the best free options to get started with and finish with a useful case study and some industry commentary.

AppDynamics turns to automation and AI to expand APM offering

Cisco subsidiary AppDynamics wants to create a 'central nervous system' for IT operations

How YR uses fast-printing software to tackle fashion sustainability

The global firm's software firm is designed to help retailers reduce wastage in the fashion industry

Three UK launches 5G-ready cloud core network in time for 5G rollout

The telco partnered with Nokia to launch its core network ahead of its expected 5G rollout

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