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AppDynamics turns to automation and AI to expand APM offering

Cisco subsidiary AppDynamics wants to create a 'central nervous system' for IT operations

How YR uses fast-printing software to tackle fashion sustainability

The global firm's software firm is designed to help retailers reduce wastage in the fashion industry

Three UK launches 5G-ready cloud core network in time for 5G rollout

The telco partnered with Nokia to launch its core network ahead of its expected 5G rollout

Three innovative ways UK companies are using blockchain

Blockchain technology is now all the rage, with companies using it to solve problems ranging from supply-chain tracking to the property market

Vodafone 5G digital hub gives startups innovation space in MediaCityUK

The new 5G digital hub is location in The Landing, providing innovation space using Vodafone's 5G network

Real-world uses of the blockchain today, from supply chain to equity

Empire Hotels turns to blockchain to protect hotel bookings Image by iStock Empire Hotelshas developed a hotel booking platform that increases security and reduces administration fees by processing...

What's the difference between IaaS, SaaS and PaaS?

We break down the difference between the three core cloud technology categories and how IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS stack up

How Mitel brought its communications blueprint to MLB's London Series

The Canadian telco had to bring its communications technology infrastructure into the London Stadium along with the baseball diamond and the two teams to ensure the smooth running of the first ever London series

Vodafone UK 'rips up industry rulebook’ as it switches on 5G in seven UK cities

Vodafone UK joins EE in launch of 5G network across seven UK cities with launch of unlimited data

The major hybrid cloud options compared: AWS Outposts vs Azure Stack vs Google Anthos

We compare the hybrid cloud solutions from the big three public cloud providers and beyond

Nokia CEO addresses need for full fibre infrastructure in UK’s 5G roll-out

Nokia CEO explains the importance of full fibre and why UK operators should consider it in 5G launch

How Trustpilot pivoted to infrastructure-as-code and serverless first

Massive Danish consumer website Trustpilot is on a bold drive to go totally serverless, which it hopes could translate to a 10x saving in cloud compute costs

With Constellation, DataStax wants to make Apache Cassandra 'push button' easy

The CEO of DataStax talks about its new as-a-service offering, its latest partnership with Google Cloud and how it has mended relations with the wider Apache Cassandra community

How Cambridge University connected its campuses with Aruba's wireless network

The university's head of infrastructure, Jon Holgate, tells us of the change in experiences from hotspot to wireless connectivity

Aruba's cofounder talks 'creating experiences' at the edge with IoT and Wi-Fi

Keerti Melkote, Aruba's president and co-founder discusses the power of the edge when creating modern digital experiences

UK fintech GoCardless cuts infrastructure costs by 25% with shift to Google Cloud

The UK fintech has recently completed a migration to GCP, reducing infrastructure costs and giving the organisation greater flexibility and opportunity to leverage advanced machine learning capabilities

Stansted CTO plans "utopian vision" of a totally connected airport

The first phase of an analytics visualisation effort that pulls in Stansted Airport's data feeds, combined with open data from other sources, could provide the site's owners with a blueprint to market their product to other transport...

Hyatt saves $400,000 by deploying Cohesity for backup and recovery

The hospitality giant used the Cohesity DataPlatform to cut 400TB of its storage requirements

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