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How governments around the world are using blockchain

Blockchain in government: How governments in the UK, US, Estonia, Switzerland, Georgia and others are using blockchain to improve public services and create new businesses

Computerworld > Mobile voting via Voatz phone app

Utah County to pilot blockchain-based mobile voting

A large Utah county is testing mobile absentee voting for military members and dependents living overseas, but some experts say online voting endangers the very democracy the U.S. military is supposed to protect.

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Facebook’s cryptocurrency ratchets up pressure on banks, but has big risks

While Facebook's Libra coin has the potential to disrupt traditional commercial banking by removing the middleman between buyers, sellers and money transfers, it also comes with significant risks.

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What the latest iOS passcode hack means for you

Cellebrite, an Israeli-based forensics company, claims it has advanced its hacking technology to include Apple's iOS 12.3 and 'high-end Android' devices.

Building walls or breaking barriers: how to secure digital government

NCSC and Local Government Association execs share their tips on how e-government can create secure and effective services

Best smart cities in the UK

Milton Keynes Image by iStock Milton Keynes is one of the fastest growing UK cities, and designed to a population of 250,000 the city has made different developments to enhance the infrastructure. To...

Cleveland Police cuts crime and costs with new data management system

The north east police force partnered with Experian to develop a database of person records that have saved it £250,000 per year

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Runaway wireless robocall crisis rapidly growing out of control

Today, one-third of all calls made to cellphones are robocalls. We battled this crisis once before and temporarily won. What’s the solution this time?

NHS Scotland to unite staff and systems on Office 365 and Windows 10

The deal with Microsoft is a central component of the new National Digital Platform for NHS Scotland

Bristol is Open CEO reveals what makes Bristol the UK's top smart city

Julie Snell manages an experimental IT infrastructure that helped Bristol top Huawei's rankings of UK smart cities

Public sector technology predictions for 2019

Leading IT analysts describe the technology trends they expect to see in the public sector in 2019

Top smart cities in Europe

London Image by iStock London topped the rankings in both Europe and the world, earning plaudits for being an open data pioneer and supporting digital businesses. In 2016, Mayor Sadiq Khan launched...

NHS CCIO Simon Eccles backs Matt Hancock's tech vision in his plans for a data-driven NHS

Dr Simon Eccles, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Health and Care, has unveiled his strategy for using data in the NHS

Digital secretary Jeremy Wright announces board of Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

Wright also unveiled the first projects that will be led by the centre

MPs call for a cyber security minister to defend critical infrastructure

The joint committee on national security strategy called the current security leadership 'wholly inadequate'

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Should Microsoft help the Pentagon ‘increase lethality’?

Selling its AI and cloud expertise for use in Project JEDI might be patriotic — or a violation of its stated principles.

How the DRIVE unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital is pioneering the use of innovative tech

A new partnership between the children's hospital, UCL and technology vendors is pushing for the application of consumer technology in the hospital

Snooper's Charter dealt fresh blow by European Court of Human Rights

The UK's state surveillance powers have been dealt another blow this week by the European Court of Human Rights, but will this help remove some of the most invasive elements of the government's Snooper's Charter?

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