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Why the Fed is considering a cash-backed cryptocurrency

A real-time payments infrastructure enabled by a blockchain-based stablecoin could offer many advantages, a Federal Reserve governor said during a recent speech.

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MIT's blockchain-based 'Spider' offers 4X faster cryptocurrency processing

The researchers are using a something similar to packet switching to more efficiently re-route crypto transactions – a move that could rival traditional banking.

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Bank of England to start new cloud environment build in 2020

The UK's central bank is tendering for a partner to "assist in design, construction and assurance of a modern, fit for purpose cloud environment," over the next two years, starting in April

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Former U.S. regulator leads effort to create digital dollar

The project will explore how a cryptocurrency could produce a more efficient and safer means of cross-border trade, clearance and settlement.

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Kadena launches a hybrid platform to connect public, private blockchains

The JP Morgan startup's blockchain braids together multiple interoperable chains via smart contracts over which users can transact business via cryptocurrency.

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TSB hands over banking systems management to IBM

The UK bank is turning to IBM to manage its IT as it seeks some much needed stability after a disastrous migration in 2018 left millions of customers without access to their accounts

Can Yulife breathe new life into life insurance?

The London-based insurtech, founded by an ex-Vitality employee, promises life insurance that rewards healthy choices

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The race to integrate crypto into global banking is real

Public sector projects are driving greater interest to adopt fiat-backed cryptocurrencies by central and regional banks.

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Coffee industry looks to blockchain to brew a better supply chain

The "Thank My Farmer" mobile app is only the first step in using IBM's blockchain to connect an entire coffee-industry ecosystem on a common data platform.

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Amid privacy and security failures, digital IDs advance

Blockchain-based digital wallets could give owners control over their digital identity in a way that would eliminate the business silo systems of today.

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Windows vulnerability

The guinea pig would rather not get shot.

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Ripple announces $200 million in funding to grow uptake of XRP cryptocurrency

Ripple claims to now have more than 300 financial service firms as customers.

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Banking technology predictions 2020

As the industry enters the end of a cycle, new regulations go mainstream and the UK government sharpens its knives, 2020 could be a challenging year for the banking sector

Zego isn't here to fix the insurance industry

The London-based insurtech has changed the game for gig economy workers wanting by-the-hour-insurance, but can it drive the industry forward alone?


Inside Monzo's strategy to be the UK's most reliable bank

As the industry is blighted by customer-impacting outages, Monzo is working hard to steel its platform and set a new standard

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For IT pros, adding blockchain skills can pad your paycheck – by a lot

Beefing up on skills around blockchain development, management or engineering can earn techies some big bucks above their current salary.

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HSBC’s plan to move $20B in assets to blockchain could be a watershed moment

The investment bank's trust of blockchain is likely to spur confidence in the nascent technology.

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TD Ameritrade cuts email use by 30% after Slack rollout

With employees feeling bombarded by email, and important messages getting lost in the mix, TD Ameritrade execs decided to embrace Slack. Communications improved, and email use fell.

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