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What customers need to know about Chef's 100% open source commitment

The software automation and devops specialist is changing how it licenses its technology and goes to market, here's what you need to know about the newly '100% open source' vendor and its changing approach

Why the Telegraph is going all in on Google Cloud Platform

The media company is going all in on Google Cloud Platform after being impressed by its machine learning capabilities and high-touch account management

Devops predictions for 2019

Consolidation, acquisitions, and security issues - what to expect in devops for 2019

How the Pokemon Company achieved GDPR compliance with minimal Gloom

Regulations such as GDPR mean that when it comes to compliance issues the Pokemon Company can't afford to take any Chanseys, and really had to catch them all

How Trustpilot takes a 'serverless first' approach to engineering with AWS

Trustpilot has embarked on an ambitious programme to go completely serverless with Amazon Web Services, with a bold aim to completely embrace the modern architecture by the middle of next year, accounting for what the organisation...

Most secure Linux distros in 2018

Qubes OS A more suitable distribution for your home use, Qubes OS is an operating system that splits itself into two virtualized environments to boost security by isolation. The virtualisation...

Best application performance management software

Amazon CloudWatch Image by © AWS Amazon is well positioned because so many developers build their apps on AWS – so picking a monitoring platform that’s part of that stack means everything, in theory,...

How the Linux Foundation is reckoning with its security and diversity issues

Executive director of the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin, outlines three key areas of improvement, including 'Tolstoy-esque' application security problems and major issues around diversity

GitHub asserts independence from Microsoft during Universe event

Today at GitHub Universe senior executives asserted the company's independent status ahead of its expected buyout approval from Microsoft this week

Are half of new business applications total failures? Appian thinks so

Organisations are struggling with 'technical debt' leading to bloated IT estates that are necessary to operations yet are difficult and time-consuming to build and maintain, according to Appian CEO Matt Calkins

Puppet Insights vows to show how far along your devops journey is

Devops vendor Puppet has announced a tool called Puppet Insights that will provide visibility within organisations into where they precisely are in their devops journey

Office Depot turns to New Relic to help pivot to devops

Although Office Depot has suffered a downward trend in its recent financials, the company is starting to deliver on years of digital efforts

What is AIOps and how can it be applied to IT operations?

Gartner research director Viv Bhalla and Moogsoft CEO Phil Tee explain why the IT operations buzzword is more than just marketing

Ten years on: How Netflix completed a historic cloud migration with AWS

Dave Hahn, a senior engineer at Neflix, explains how the company scaled to provide video streaming to 130 million subscribers

Retailer builds a single view of the customer with MongoDB

The online appliances retailer turned to MongoDB in its mission to build a single view of the customer

What is DevSecOps and why should your business care?

DevSecOps isn't a trend - it's what your organisations needs to be thinking about from the start

What are microservices?

Here we explain what a microservices architecture looks like, the pros and cons, and who is using it to good (and bad) effect

How Google decides to open source its technology

Two Google executives shine a light on the tech giant's open source strategy

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