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The most significant data breaches

The biggest data breaches that have affected people in the UK.

What is the UK government's open data strategy?

The government's approach to open data has gained international praise but its approach may be set to change

The Snoopers' Charter: Everything you need to know about the Investigatory Powers Act

The UK government's Investigatory Powers Bill has sparked debate over the balance between privacy concerns and national security in the post-Snowden era, with controversy around encryption, bulk data and hacking being aimed at the...

AppDynamics turns to automation and AI to expand APM offering

Cisco subsidiary AppDynamics wants to create a 'central nervous system' for IT operations

Best TED Talks on artificial intelligence

How AI can save humanity Image by iStock In this bite-size 15 minute Ted Talk, computer scientist and technology investor Kai-Fu discusses how humans - with our natural empathy - can prosper alongside...

The biggest ICO fines for data protection breaches and GDPR contraventions

British Airways - fined proposed £183m in July 2019 Image by iStock The ICO announced it intended to fine British Airways a record £183.39 million over a data breach that compromised the personal...

What is NHSX? Inside the government's new healthtech unit

Health secretary Matt Hancock claims NHSX is 'one of the most exciting things happening in the UK' but can yet another quango solve the NHS' digital problems?

Aviva launches algorithmic decision agent ADA to hyper-personalise marketing

Damian Rumble, a senior data scientist in Aviva’s customer science team, told Computerworld UK how ADA is powering more responsive and effective marketing campaigns

Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust turns to RPA to slash admin time

Sandra Easton, CFO at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation NHS Trust, explains how the new Centre of Excellence for robotic process automation (RPA) can serve as a model for every NHS Trust

Tableau CEO eyes 'time machine leap forward' after Salesforce acquisition

The Tableau CEO sat down with Computerworld UK to talk about joining forces with Salesforce, how it will rapidly expand its enterprise reach and the first steps to bringing the two vendor's products closer together

How Google Cloud and Stella McCartney aim to make fashion more sustainable

Google Cloud wants to bring its data analytics and machine learning expertise to help retail brands improve their sustainability

How Trustpilot pivoted to infrastructure-as-code and serverless first

Massive Danish consumer website Trustpilot is on a bold drive to go totally serverless, which it hopes could translate to a 10x saving in cloud compute costs

Best web analytics tools: Alternatives to Google Analytics

Mouseflow Image by iStock Mouseflowprovides a session replay and heatmapping tool, enabling users to see how people are using the website. This includes observing the behaviour of visitors on the...

With Constellation, DataStax wants to make Apache Cassandra 'push button' easy

The CEO of DataStax talks about its new as-a-service offering, its latest partnership with Google Cloud and how it has mended relations with the wider Apache Cassandra community

Conceptual blockchain imagery.

7 blockchain mistakes and how to avoid them

The blockchain industry is still something of a wild west, with many cloud service offerings and a large universe of platforms that can vary greatly in their capabilities. So enterprises should beware jumping to conclusions about the...

UK fintech GoCardless cuts infrastructure costs by 25% with shift to Google Cloud

The UK fintech has recently completed a migration to GCP, reducing infrastructure costs and giving the organisation greater flexibility and opportunity to leverage advanced machine learning capabilities

The self-service analytics market convergence is upon us

Two of the biggest independent self-service analytics vendors have been snapped up in the past two weeks, here's what it all means

Hyatt saves $400,000 by deploying Cohesity for backup and recovery

The hospitality giant used the Cohesity DataPlatform to cut 400TB of its storage requirements

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