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Top UK IT job hiring trends in 2019

A look ahead for what could prove to be a turbulent year for the UK's IT industry, what skills to get on your CV and general job prospects across the sector

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Revolut achieves 100x faster data queries after switch to Exasol analytics database

High-growth UK fintech company Revolut deployed Exasol's analytics database to cope with an enormous growth of data while avoiding vendor lock-in


Attend the CIO UK Big Conversation: Unlock the potential of your frontline workers

This CIO UK Big Conversation event, hosted with partners Google Chrome Enterprise, on Wednesday 11 September at the London EDITION will feature lively discussion of how CIOs and technology executives are empowering frontline...

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How VITAS Healthcare moved to UEM

VITAS Healthcare is three-quarters of the way to providing iPhones and iPads to its 12,000 employees -- and the company will be able to manage all of the devices with just six people.

What is serverless computing and which enterprises are adopting it?

Serverless computing has been fast gaining momentum over the past couple of years, with AWS in particular talking up enterprise adoption. So what is serverless and who is using it today?

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MacStadium announces cloud-based Mac IaaS for developers

Kubernetes-compatible virtualization layer for Macs in the cloud...

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Why blockchain-based voting could threaten democracy

As the desire to increase voter turnout remains strong and the number of online voting pilot projects rises in the U.S. and abroad, some security experts warn any internet-based election system is wide open to attack, regardless of...

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Qlik: Big Tech's Tableau, Looker buyouts spell opportunity in analytics

Qlik Senior Vice President James Fisher believes the acquisitions of Tableau by Salesforce and Looker by Google validate his company’s emphasis on the democratisation of data

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What's the best cloud platform for the enterprise?

What's the best cloud platform for the enterprise?

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What's behind the Google Cloud-VMware partnership?

Last week the two vendors announced a deep integration, allowing customers to run virtualised workloads on Google Cloud Platform, so what does that mean for the market and who are the target customers?

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Moneypenny to lift and shift Mitel contact centre system in favour of Twilio

The Welsh contact centre software provider for the likes of nPower and BMW has turned to Twilio to unify its underlying technology and better route customer calls and take advantage of call data

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IBM, Chainyard unveil blockchain-based 'Trust Your Supplier' network

IBM has partnered with Fortune 500 companies to launch the network, which is aimed at automating the validation and onboarding of buyers and suppliers.


Dynatrace targets the 1,500 biggest enterprise companies after IPO boost

The SaaS application performance management vendor floated this week, and is planning to target the biggest enterprise customers in the world with its AI-powered monitoring platform

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Coming soon: Eco-friendly data centers | TECH(feed)

As the push for sustainability across all businesses intensifies, so too will the push for greener IT infrastructure. Data centers are notorious for giving off thermal energy and being somewhat energy inefficient. Researchers at Rice...

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Apple’s shock Siri surveillance demands a swift response

Revelation that contractors listen to Siri recordings is a bad look for Apple. Here are some steps the company should do to remedy the situation.

Chains of binary data.

What's a smart contract (and how does it work)?

Smart contracts are potentially one of the most useful tools associated with blockchain, and they can enable the transfer of everything from bitcoin and fiat currency to goods transported around the world. Here's what they do and why...

Computerworld > Mobile voting via Voatz phone app

Utah County to pilot blockchain-based mobile voting

A large Utah county is testing mobile absentee voting for military members and dependents living overseas, but some experts say online voting endangers the very democracy the U.S. military is supposed to protect.

How Alphabet security moonshot Chronicle fits in at Google Cloud

In late June this year, Google parent company Alphabet announced that Chronicle - the 'moonshot' spinout that became a standalone security company - would be folded into Google Cloud. Here's what it promises to bring to customers

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