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it monitoring

The Complete Guide to IT Monitoring

We assess the monitoring software landscape, focusing on machine data analytics and application performance management (APM) vendors.

workplace of the future

The Workplace of the Future

From attracting the best talent to improving efficiency and productivity, it's time to redefine the workplace.

it skills

The Complete Guide to IT Skills

Find out more about the UK IT hiring landscape and how you can best take advantage of it.

nosql database

The Complete Guide to NoSQL Database

A rundown of the NoSQL vendor landscape with some case studies on two blue chip UK enterprises leveraging NoSQL to get business results.

blockchain in the enterprise

The Complete Guide to Blockchain in the Enterprise

Blockchain in the context of enterprise deployments, how technology vendors are getting in on the action and some real-world case studies.


The Complete Guide to IaaS

The difference between IaaS, SaaS and PaaS, a detailed comparison of the big three vendors and some case studies of large organizations moving towards the IaaS world.


The Complete Guide to Ransomware

The basics of ransomware as an attack vector and some top tools and tips for managing and mitigating against attacks.


The Complete Guide to Containers

Find out more about software containers, including a brief history of the technology and some of the key vendors in the space.

open banking

The Complete Guide to Open Banking

The piece of regulation set to totally transform financial services.

internet of things

The Complete Guide to Internet of Things

Find out more about the state of IoT in the enterprise.

data science

The Complete Guide to Data Science

What a data scientist can bring to an organization, what tools they are using and how to hire them.


The Complete Guide to DevOps

Best practices and how businesses are already reaping the benefits of shifting to a DevOps culture.

machine learning

The Complete Guide to Machine Learning in the Enterprise

Learn what machine learning is as we help you cut through the hype and get to the real uses of the technology within the enterprise.

hyperconverged infrastructure

The Complete Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Find out more about the basics of hyperconverged infrastructure, who the main players are in the market and how the technology could be set to evolve in the future.

Nvidia and Bosch car computer

Nvidia, Bosch to make self-driving car computer with new Xavier chip

Nvidia's next big chip called Xavier is headed first to self-driving cars, and the company is working with Bosch to develop such systems.

hipster with laptop speeding along road

Your smartphone: The mechanic in your pocket

You can use your Android or iOS device to gain access to a wealth of information about your vehicle’s operation. A few dollars spent on an OBD adapter and app can save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary auto repairs.

Intel autonomous car

Why Intel is buying car-vision company Mobileye for $15.3B

Intel is buying autonomous-car tech company Mobileye to advance its position as a major player in the self-driving car industry.

car security privacy security locks

BlackBerry claims QNX automotive software is safe from CIA

Blackberry is claiming its in-vehicle platform, QNX, is safe and the company's not aware of any attacks or exploits after WikiLeaks released CIA documents referencing the OS as a "potential mission area" for hacking.

nissan leaf interior

Newer car tech opens doors to CIA attacks

The revelation that the CIA has looked into hacking vehicles, possibly for the purpose of assassinations, flies in the face of a presidential order requiring U.S. agencies to reveal flaws to manufacturers to protect Americans.

uber san francisco

Uber gets permit to test autonomous cars in California

Uber Technologies’ autonomous cars could be returning to California soon after state authorities permitted the company to test the vehicles.

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