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Application developer
Years in IT:
5 years to fewer than 10 years
National Base:
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In 2017, a typical Application developer with 5 years to fewer than 10 years of experience in IT can expect to earn an average compensation of $90,875. That compensation figure includes salary and bonus.

*This response base is very low. These figures should be used for comparison only.

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2017 Total 2016 Total Increase or
Average of Application developer fitting this profile $90,875 $90,168 0.8%
National average for Application developer $97,135 $98,237 -1.1%

Job description for Application developer

Designs, develops, codes, tests, debugs and deploys user-facing applications. Often works in teams with designers, analysts, project managers and business users, sometimes using agile development methodology, to ascertain business requirements for programs. Maintains and improves applications on an ongoing basis.