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Project manager
Years in IT:
1 to fewer than 5 years
National Base:
Profile Base:
In 2017, a typical Project manager with 1 to fewer than 5 years of experience in IT can expect to earn an average compensation of $77,667. That compensation figure includes salary and bonus.

*This response base is very low. These figures should be used for comparison only.

How do you
2017 Total 2016 Total Increase or
Average of Project manager fitting this profile $77,667 $77,340 0.4%
National average for Project manager $110,252 $109,423 0.8%

Job description for Project manager

Develops requirements, budgets and schedules for IT projects. Oversees all phases of projects, including coordinating workers, material and equipment; ensuring that specifications are being followed; and work is proceeding on schedule and within budget.