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Facebook Q1 sales leap as mobile ad business grows
Facebook reported a nice 72 percent boost in sales for the first quarter, as the company continues to make strides expanding its advertising business on mobile devices.

Google to push mobile app installs in search and YouTube
Mobile users of Google's search and YouTube service will soon see more targeted ads that take them straight to the installation pages for advertisers' mobile apps.

The imminent age of virtual reality is an illusion
When faced with technology options, we are choosing the ones that require the least commitment to undivided attention.

Microsoft takes Iowa from corn to .com
Microsoft is building some 1.16 million square feet of new data center space in Iowa.

Facebook wants to help you meet friends offline
Facebook now has its own take on location sharing -- an optional feature that periodically broadcasts people's locations to their friends.

Sorry, Facebook, Google snatches up drone maker
Google, which has been looking for new ways to deliver Internet connectivity, has acquired Titan Aerospace, a New Mexico-based company known for making solar-powered drones.

Facebook set to enter e-money market in Europe
Facebook is mere weeks away from becoming a registered e-money firm in Ireland, the Financial Times reported.

AI gets its groove back
Thanks to the advent of Big Data, new algorithms and massive, affordable computing power, artificial intelligence is now, finally, on a roll again.

Brace yourself, here comes the mobile appsplosion
Companies are engaged in a kind of arms race with competitors to see how many apps they can get everyone to use. But this aggressive push for more apps is going to end up giving users app fatigue.

Facebook's government request report now includes Instagram
Better think before you post that Instagram selfie -- a government could want it.

What Does a Social-Media-Meets-Virtual-Reality World Look Like?
Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of Oculus has given virtual reality a major boost. By delivering an altered sense of reality with a social experience Facebook could give users a more compelling reason to come back regularly.

Facebook is trying to make its News Feed less spammy
Posts on Facebook that repeatedly urge users to like, share or comment on them are being targeted in a new effort to reduce News Feed spam, Facebook said.

What you need to do about Heartbleed
The Heartbleed bug has affected about two-thirds of the world's websites, meaning virtually everyone should be taking steps to protect themselves now.

Marketers are losing faith in Facebook
In space, they say, no one can hear you scream. Some marketers feel the same way about Facebook.

MediaFire offers 1TB of cloud storage for $2.50
MediaFire has launched a storage and file-sharing service that it argues is more secure than Amazon's.

Google gets practice flying its high-altitude balloons in Project Loon
Google, which has been testing balloon-powered Internet access in underdeveloped area, said one of its balloons circled the Earth in 22 days.

Snowden leaks erode trust in Internet companies, government
Edward Snowden's revelations about the National Security Agency's data collection practices have eroded the public's trust in major technology companies -- and in the Internet, a Harris Interactive survey found.

Google Plus Outperforms Twitter (Really)
Marketers who ignore Google Plus are missing a worthwhile opportunity, according to a new report from Forrester. Googles social platform delivers nearly double the engagement rate of Twitter, and yet some large brands continue to be lackadaisical with their effort.

Tip of the Hat: Facebook's Oculus buy a smart move
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced a lot of criticism last week when his company agreed to pay $2 billion for a startup still building its first product, the Rift virtual reality headset.

Why Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon want to be each other
It was a loony week in Silicon Valley. Four major technology companies announced expensive and risky programs to become less like themselves and more like their competitors.

7 Tips for Managing Digital Information Overload
Email, social media, texts. Today's business and project managers have more electronic distractions than ever. So how can busy managers successfully navigate the electronic jungle? Organization and productivity experts share their top tips for beating information overload.

Google, Facebook, others join to upgrade MySQL
Facebook has joined a number of other Internet services heavyweights, such as Google and LinkedIn, to better equip the MySQL relational database management system for large- scale work.

Twitter offers photo tagging and lets you upload a photo 'collage'
Twitter users on mobile devices can now tag people in photos and upload multiple images to form a collage.

Facebook may lure teen users back with virtual reality promise
With its acquisition of virtual reality gaming company Oculus VR , Facebook may have found a way to lure back younger users to the social network.

Court dismisses Ceglia's ownership claim to Facebook
A federal judge in New York on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by Paul D. Ceglia, claiming half ownership of Facebook.

Facebook's Oculus VR buy is about more than gaming
Mark Zuckerberg has seen the future, and it's inside a virtual-reality headset.

Facebook spends $2B on virtual reality firm, but analysts are skeptical
Facebook said late Tuesday that it is shelling out $2 billion to scoop up Oculus VR, a company that makes virtual reality gaming glasses.

Open Compute Project chief Frankovsky quits Facebook
Open Compute Project Foundation leader Frank Frankovsky, who founded the project with colleagues at Facebook to help foster scalable data centers in large enterprises, has left the social-networking company for an optical storage startup.

Internet giants can access your data, too
Security protections have been tightened at many of the major online services, as firms like Google and Microsoft pledge to protect their users against unwanted prying eyes. But while many people fret about unwarranted government access to their data, the Internet firms themselves play by their own set of rules.

Facebook's Hack programming language builds code safety into PHP
Facebook has released a programming language called Hack, which marries the ease of PHP with the rigorous safety controls of older languages such as C++.

Tip of the Hat: Facebook blocks NSA spies -- for now
In the wake of revelations exposed in classified National Security Agency documents leaked to reporters by Edward Snowden, Facebook must show its users that their data is safe from the prying eyes of government spies.

Facebook holds back on end-to-end encryption
If you're a Facebook user and you want the best form of encryption to keep hackers and spies out of your posts and chats, you don't have a ton of options now.

Why C-Suite Executives Need to Shine on Social Media
Most CIOs -- and other C-suite executives have at least a LinkedIn profile, but social media requires much more these days. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others are no longer exclusively personal, but also reflective of your role in the larger organization.

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your IT Recruiting Strategy
Social media is ubiquitous in today's digital world, so you can bet your next star employee is out there sharing, liking and tweeting. Here's how to leverage social networking technology to effectively target and recruit IT candidates.

Desktop search spending to fall this year as mobile grows, study finds
The money spent by advertisers on the desktop will decline this year as people continue to reach for their smartphones to search for information, according to new data from eMarketer.

NSA denies Facebook snooping; Zuckerberg lays into Obama
An article that accused the National Security Agency of impersonating Facebook to spy on U.S. citizens has triggered a denial from the NSA and a reprimand for the U.S. president from CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Video ads come to Facebook
An assortment of video ads will soon start appearing in Facebook users' feeds as the company grasps at a larger slice of the lucrative TV advertising market.

The paranoid's survival guide, part 2: Protect your privacy on social, mobile and more
We've rounded up a bunch of experts' tips about how to retain your privacy when messaging and using apps, and while on social media.

Seagate's latest: Drive fast, App slow
The data transfer speed improvements that Seagate has made to their drives is remarkably impressive.

Why Software Testing Can't Spare You From IT Disasters
Some software bugs are like the cicadia, emerging only under the 'right' conditions and wreaking havoc until they're stopped. Without the right tools, no amount of software testing can stop these bugs from causing a meltdown. Just ask Nasdaq.

Social Media Getting More Spontaneous and Less Personal
Deliberate status updates are losing luster as quick, impromptu, short-lived activity on social media gathers momentum. If the first phase of social media was a massive effort to share our online identities, this current wave is all about fleeting encounters.

Facebook walks on optical networking's wild side
As a company that draws more than 2 billion eyeballs per month, Facebook was a fitting harbinger of trends to come at an optical networking conference.

Snowden advocates at SXSW for improved data security
Encryption technologies can be a powerful tool against government surveillance, but the most effective techniques are still largely out of reach to the average Internet user, Edward Snowden said Monday.

Despite sagging hardware sales, confidence in tech remains high
Confidence in the underlying strength of the tech sector as a whole appears to be solid despite some dispiriting news on the hardware front.

Facebook launches redesign with a bit of the old, a bit of the new
If you didn't like Facebook's News Feed redesign last year, you're in luck: The social network is trying to change what you don't like with another redesign.

Trust issue looms large for tech companies capitalizing on personal data
As tech companies increasingly rely on analyzing and selling user data to boost revenue, trust is emerging as one of the defining issues of the year for the IT sector.

Groups ask FTC to investigate Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission should investigate Facebook's proposed $19 billion acquisition of mobile messaging app WhatsApp -- and possibly block it -- because of the potential impact on users' privacy, two privacy groups said in a complaint.

Facebook goes thumbs-down on illegal gun sales
Facebook announced a set of new restrictions designed to curb the illegal sale of guns and other restricted items on its site, a phenomenon that had become vexing problem for the social network.

Facebook's Messenger app now supports Windows Phone
Facebook has made its Messenger app available for Windows Phone 8, a bonus for Microsoft as it seeks to increase the number of applications available for its smartphone OS.

Hands on: Apple's Mac Pro is the fastest Mac ever
One thing is certain: You won't mistake Apple's powerful new Mac Pro for any other desktop computer. And it has the computing chops to match its high-style look.

Yahoo services to cut Facebook, Google sign-ins
Users of Yahoo services will down the line have to use a Yahoo username to sign on to its services, as the company plans to phase out signing up to these services using Facebook and Google credentials.

Facebook eyes solar-powered drone company
Facebook is reportedly buying Titan Aerospace, a New Mexico-based company known for making solar-powered drones.

The paranoid's survival guide, part 1: How to protect your personal data
We've rounded up a bunch of experts' tips about how to retain your privacy -- as much as possible, anyway -- and how to surf the Web silently, among other things.

Jonny Evans: So WhatsApp, Facebook?
At the heart of the $19B WhatsApp acquisition may be Facebook's continuing desire to take over your mobile phone.

Did you get the message? Facebook to shutter its email service
Facebook will shutter its email service next month, and it's likely that not many people will even notice.

Facebook's Zuckerberg Envisions a 'Dial Tone for the Internet'
Calling it an 'on-ramp to the Internet,' Mark Zuckerberg advocates for carriers and other gatekeepers to provide free basic services for all in his first-ever keynote at Mobile World Congress.

With voice calls, WhatsApp can tap new growth
WhatsApp's voice calling service, planned for later this year to augment its hot text-message offering, could yield an influx of customers and strengthen the service's already firm standing in mobile messaging.

Google's Schmidt offers $1M in grants, talks WhatsApp and Motorola
Got great ideas to solve world problems? Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt just might give you a lot of money for them.

Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be the world's Internet on-ramp
If Marc Zuckerberg has his way, Facebook will become the "on ramp" for the two-thirds of the world's population not yet connected to the Internet.

Facebook expands user memorial page access
What will happen to your Facebook account when you die? Facebook has been giving it some thought, and it's come up with what it hopes is a better way to deal with a sensitive issue.

Tip of the Hat: WhatsApp users are the big losers in Facebook deal
It's easy to pick out the winners in the $19 billion Facebook-WhatsApp. Computerworld offers a Tip of the Hat to ReadWrite's Selena Larson for pointing out the deal's potential losers.

Wall Street Beat: After Facebook buy of WhatsApp, tech M&A set for strong year
Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp may end up being just one milestone in a strong year for tech mergers and acquisitions.

Facebook Open Sources Thrift Protocol ... Again
After more than six years of internal development of its branch of the cross-language framework that powers its internal services, Facebook has released that branch to open source and hopes to work with the Apache Thrift community to incorporate the work.

Facebook coughs up $19B for WhatsApp's younger users
Facebook may be shelling out $19 billion in cash and stock for the messaging company WhatsApp to stanch the departure of younger users from the social network.

Facebook buying WhatsApp for $16 billion
Facebook has agreed to buy mobile messaging app WhatsApp for $16 billion in cash and stock, the social network said Wednesday.

Personal Websites Give Job Seekers Greater Control
If you are looking to land your next tech job, creating and promoting a personal website can help you control Google search results, better highlight relevant skills and provide an edge in a competitive job market.

Apple takes top spot in brand value computation
Apple was appointed the world's highest-valued brand today by Brand Finance, which said the Cupertino, Calif. company's brand is worth nearly $105 billion.

Evan Schuman: Your data exposed -- Delta, Facebook, others latest to fall into mobile app trap and eHarmony also among those now saying, 'We didn't know our mobile apps did that.'

Facebook offers more ways to express gender beyond 'male' and 'female'
Facebook, in a move that acknowledges the social issues around gender identity, updated its site to give users more ways to express their gender.

Privacy, consumer groups ask court to reject Facebook ads settlement
A coalition of consumer and privacy groups will ask a U.S. court to reject a settlement that allows Facebook to use minors' pictures in advertisements on the site without their parents' consent.

Twitter tests Facebook-like profile page redesign
Twitter is reportedly working to redesign its profile pages, making them more visual, with bigger images, and looking a lot more like social rivals Facebook and Google+.

Couples use, negotiate over and fight about their tech
Technology is becoming a major player in romantic relationships, according to a report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Facebook's birthday present: A look back at your social life
Facebook marked its 10th year as a company on Tuesday and to celebrate, the social network offered its 1.2 billion users around the world a feature called Look Back movies, made up of photos and activities that users have shared.

Hackers try to hijack Facebook, other high profile domains through registrar
The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), a group of hackers that has hijacked other high-profile domain names, managed to change the domain registration information for, but failed to redirect the domain to a different server.

Get ready to tweet your questions for Twitter's first earnings call
Twitter is opening up access to company executives today during the firm's first earnings calls as a public company.

At 10, Facebook strives not to be your granny's social network
Facebook, the company that defines social networking, is turning 10 years old and looking into a future where it must evolve or risk becoming the next MySpace -- a company Facebook eclipsed years ago.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft show steady rise in surveillance data requests
Google, Facebook and Microsoft were among the technology companies to release new figures showing a rising number of requests for their users' data coming from a secretive U.S. surveillance court.

Facebook to celebrate 10th birthday on Tuesday
Facebook will celebrate its 10th birthday on Tuesday, an occasion likely to spur an outpouring of reflection on its past and speculation about its future.

Facebook launches mobile news app Paper for iPhone
Facebook has introduced Paper, a mobile app that mixes content from a user's own feed with articles from "well-known publications" and displays it all with a new interface.

Facebook sees apps in its future ... lots of apps
Imagine using a separate Facebook app just for sharing status updates with your closest friends, or maybe co-workers. In the next few years, such an app could exist.

Facebook asserts its success on mobile with another strong quarter
More than half of Facebook's ad sales came from mobile devices in the fourth quarter, showing continued strength in the site's ability to monetize its service on smaller screens.

Facebook puts 10,000 Blu-ray discs in low-power storage system
If you thought Netflix and iTunes would make optical discs a thing of the past, think again. Facebook has built a storage system from 10,000 Blu-ray discs that holds a petabyte of data and is highly energy-efficient, the company said.

Obama administration forges deal with tech firms on data requests
Technology companies will be allowed to reveal more details about government data requests under a tentative agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Spy agencies collude to extract personal data from mobile apps
Spy agencies including the U.S. National Security Agency have been working together to extract personal information, including location data and address books, from mobile apps as part of a globe-spanning effort to thwart terrorist plots, according to newly disclosed documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Why Facebook and Google+ are headed in opposite directions
The two major social sites, Facebook and Google+, are embracing opposite strategies for the future, but they are heading to the same place: To add social intelligence to everything you do.

Tech and telecom vendors spend millions on lobbying in DC
Google, Comcast, AT&T and Verizon Communications ranked among the top spenders on U.S. government lobbying in 2013, with Apple and Facebook increasing their lobbying expenses significantly, according to year-end lobbying reports released this week.

Ouch -- Facebook called a 'twit' for Twitter-like trending feature
A new feature on Facebook designed to keep people abreast of certain topics has sparked criticism from some users who want it gone, calling it nothing more than a cheap Twitter knock-off.

Facebook testing its ads in third-party mobile apps
Facebook is testing its advertisements on outside mobile applications, calling it a new way for app developers to monetize their creations.

Evan Schuman: Hijacked by social media
Why would anyone be comfortable with social networking sites sending out messages in their name?

Facebook hijacks Trending feature from rival Twitter
Taking another page from social rival Twitter, Facebook launched a new Trending feature that will show users the most popular topics being discussed on the social network.

Facebook acquires Branch, Potluck
Facebook has acquired Branch Media, makers of the Branch and Potluck online conversation-sharing software packages, a founder of Branch announced.

Facebook to kill off one kind of ad some users hated
Facebook is pulling the plug on a controversial advertising program that served ads to people based on the activity of their friends, such as "Likes" and check-ins.

Yahoo email encryption standard needs work
Yahoo has started to automatically encrypt connections between users and its email service, adding an important security layer that rival Gmail has had for almost four years, but its implementation needs work, according to at least one security expert.

Facebook acquires app optimization tool developer Little Eye Labs
Facebook is acquiring Little Eye Labs, an Indian developer of a tool for performance analysis and monitoring of Android apps, the startup said.

What to Look for When Hiring Social Media Tech Talent in 2014
Social media professionals need to have a specific set of communication and technical skills as well as varied experience if you expect them to be a strategic part of your business in 2014.

Facebook uses a seasoned Chef to keep servers simmering
When it comes to keeping its thousands of servers running smoothly, Facebook relies on the open source Chef configuration manager, modified slightly to handle the size of the social networking giant's huge infrastructure.

Facebook made of Teflon when it comes to privacy
Facebook is being sued for allegedly intercepting users' private messages, following links and sharing the information with advertisers and marketers, but analysts doubt the accusations will be enough to make users abandon the social networking site.

Lawsuit charges that Facebook scanned private messages
Facebook has been accused of intercepting private messages of its users to provide data to marketers, according to a class-action lawsuit filed in a federal court in California.

Facebook tops U.S. social networking charts, but users eye other sites, too
Facebook remained the most popular social networking destination among U.S. adults online, but users are also turning to other websites for their daily social fix.

The security industry finds a dream enemy -- government spy agencies
2013 was the year we learned we must encrypt our data if we don't want the likes of the U.S. National Security Agency or the U.K. Government Communications Headquarters reading it as it crosses the Internet.

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Will Facebook location sharing be a turn on?

Location sharing with Facebook notifications.

For anyone using Facebook who has ever felt the need to go off somewhere and be left alone, there is good news! A new Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) feature called Nearby Friends -- which notifies friends of your current location -- is optional (for now).

Why is Facebook killing iPhone battery life?

Facebook is one of the world's most popular smartphone apps so why, just why, is the Facebook app devouring iPhone battery life?

Will Facebook's drones pop Google's loony bubbles?

Zuckerberg: Droning on.

Train, bus, bike, or automobile? Regularly, most of us choose one in this list to get us where we need to go. If you are Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) -- you likely include drones, satellites, and lasers in your "go to" list. Not quite satiated with WhatsApp and Oculus Rift, we find Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg snacking on Ascenta: A UK company specializing in solar-powered drones...

NSA infects computers with malware using faked Facebook

NSA: Riding on Facebook's horse tail.

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) is once again close to denying reports that it is indiscriminately monitoring every computer on planet Earth. This time, the freshest, newest, most recent report of NSA mass-surreptitiousness (courtesy Edward Snowden -- ta) alleges the sneaky agency infects computers with malware via a fake Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) login page.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers play keep-away with the man-in-the-middle.

Facebook's new design is an oldie, but a goodie.

Good designers make all the difference.

After a year of hard work, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has just deployed changes to the desktop version of its "News Feed." Bloggers -- on the whole -- seem pleased with the changes. No problems, everything is great. Still, the "new look" has many bloggers scratching their heads, unsure of what has changed exactly.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers want to keep things the way they are.

20 years a tech journalist: Shift happens at warp speed

It's hard to beleive the change that's happened over the last 20 years.  Consider:

Digital Equipment Corp, Sun Microsystems and Data General were leading hardware manufactures.

Compaq was the fastest growing PC vendor.

Google didn’t exist.

Mark Zuckerberg was 9 years old. hadn’t launched yet

There was no e-commerce, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

Digital glasses were what Geordi La Forge wore in Star Trek.

WhatsApp's Facebook status is unclear

WhatsApp deal: Thumbs down?

High fives and thumbs up. That's what celebrating CEO Jan Koum of instant messaging company WhatsApp was doing after Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) decided to buy his company for 19 billion dollars. Not everybody is in cheer though: privacy groups Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) are determined to crash the party.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers check Twitter.

Facebook of the dead changes profile policies

Deadly serious about user profiles.

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) announced on Friday it has dearly departed from its policy of changing deceased user profiles to "friends-only", choosing instead to leave profile settings "as-is." Also on offer is a "Look Back" video, intended for viewing by whoever has permission to peruse a loved one's profile.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers live for the weekend.

The downside of Silicon Valley's focus on ultra high-end skills

Silicon Valley’s wealth may be concentrating in firms that only hire people with ultra high-end skills. WhatsApp is a good example.

Closely examined IT companies disclose FISA requests

Under the gun and a microscope, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), and Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) are rushing to out-do one another in releasing their inaugural FISA reports to the public. FISA -- the pleasant-to-the-ears acronym of the dread Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act -- is a law that requires IT firms to hand users' data to a secretive U.S. court upon request.

Now eager to reverse negative perception, IT companies are spreading their FISA request numbers far and wide. That's fine with bloggers, as long as they aren't a favorite request.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers read between the lines.

How swindlers use apps to trick the gullible

Conmen will trade malware for mobile apps to fool the innocent into giving up personal information.

Eric Schmidt’s outrage at the NSA: The pot calling the kettle black?

Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s concern for citizen privacy following reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) may have broken into the company’s data streams is ironic considering the Internet giant’s own spotty record on privacy.


Facebook beheading video is/isn't/is/isn't OK: smh

''Click to play video.''
Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) can't make its mind up. Is this video of a woman being beheaded 'for cheating' OK -- because it condemns the act and thus promotes the 'right' kind of discourse? Or is it unacceptable -- because it might be seen by the 'wrong' kind of people? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers think of the children.

15% of Americans say they don’t need no stinking Internet

A Pew study shows that 15% of adult Americans don't use the Internet or email. What?

The iPhone camera can improve your (supposed) life

With Apple’s new iPhone 5S and 5C, will we finally get what we were promised with the iPhone 5?