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White Paper | Presented by Cisco Systems

Cybersecurity for remote workers

With less budget, fewer resources, and more employees working from home than ever, it’s time to look for a better way to enhance your digital security. In this ebook we’ll look at the challenges facing today’s security professionals and share some simple actions you can take to reduce malware, simplify security and secure a growing population of remote and roaming workers, without overburdening your staff.

Data Center Optimization with Cisco + Logicalis

The global landscape in which enterprise organizations conduct business is in a constant state of flux.

Enabling a Remote Workforce Now with SD-WAN

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work and has forced organizations to accelerate the pace of a digital workforce transformation.

From Password Reset to Credential Management

This document describes the evolution of credential management and highlights the product capabilities that organizations should demand, to ensure a positive return on their investment (ROI) both initially and over the long term.

Getting started with ModelOps eBook

This paper explores how ModelOps can help you break that cycle by redefining how you deploy models. You'll learn how this collaborative approach to deployment moves quality analytic models through development, validation, deployment and monitoring as quickly as possible.

HBR: Creating a data-driven culture: How culture impacts the success or failure of advanced analytics and AI

Companies and organizations around the world have spent enormous sums on hardware, software and talent in order to advance analytics and AI.

Insurance firm enhances security with cloud-based disaster recovery

This case study examines how a cloud-based solution by Microsoft Azure achieved those goals — and more.

MIT SMR: How AI changes the rules: New Imperatives for Intelligent Organization

Many leaders are excited about AI’s potential to profoundly transform organizations by making them more innovative and productive. But implementing AI will also lead to significant changes in how organizations are managed, according to our recent survey of more than 2,200 business leaders, managers and key contributors.

TDWI Best Practices Report: Faster Insights from faster Data

This TDWI Best Practices Report examines where organizations are facing barriers to getting relevant data into the right condition for analytics, for developing artificial intelligence (AI) programs, and for delivery to users who need insights in time to solve business problems.

eGuide | Presented by Validity

The Data Manager's Field Guide

Data managers play a critical role in the success of today’s enterprise businesses. At first glance, their responsibilities might seem relatively straightforward. But the reality is, their job is incredibly complex and its execution requires a delicate balance between detailoriented process management and creative problem solving

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