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Miscellaneous | Presented by NetApp

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide All-Flash Array 2017 Vendor Assessment

Read this vendor assessment from IDC and find out about the suitability of 10 vendors' AFA platforms for dense mixed enterprise workload consolidation. Discover the areas where the most differentiation between vendors was noted, including their strategies around NVMe and cloud-based predictive analytics.

Mobile Threat Intelligence Report

This report reviews worldwide threat intelligence data collected by the SEP Mobile Research Team, from globally-deployed mobile security agents and millions of monthly security tests from January through December 2017.

White Paper | Presented by Symantec

Mobile Threat Protection: A Holistic Approach to Securing Mobile Data and Devices

Tools have emerged to support and secure mobile devices, and corporations have deployed many solutions. This paper reviews the current and emerging services and practices designed to help secure and protect the data on these devices, and it identifies areas where solutions are needed to fill the remaining gaps. It also looks at the intersection of security tools such as analytics and their role in managing mobile devices holistically.

White Paper | Presented by TigerGraph

Native Parallel Graphs: The Next Stage in Graph Database Evolution

Early generation graph technologies have been unable to support real-time analytics on data that continues to increase in both volume and complexity. This white paper details how Native Parallel Graph (NPG) differs from early generation Native Graph Technologies, and introduces TigerGraph - the world’s first and only NPG system.

White Paper | Presented by NetApp

NetApp AFF vs. Pure Storage FlashArray//M

Data has become the lifeblood of companies of all sizes and across all industries. Organizations are reinventing themselves to unlock new value from existing applications as well as next-generation social, mobile, cloud, and analytics technologies.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Vertex Inc

New Sales Tax Landscape for Online Sellers

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair overturning the long-held Quill decision will dramatically change the landscape for online sellers when it comes to sales tax. Take the quiz below to see if it’s time to automate your end-to-end sales tax process.

eBook | Presented by NetApp

NVMe Modern SAN Primer

Enterprise data storage is being transformed by new technology—again. This time, the emergent technology is NVMe—short for nonvolatile memory express—a new storage access and transport protocol that delivers the fastest response times yet for business-critical enterprise applications.

White Paper | Presented by NetApp

Overlake Medical Center: Providing Unparalleled Patient Care Through Medical-Centric Data Analysis

To address increasing demands, Overlake Medical Center optimizes its Epic electronic medical records system on NetApp All Flash FAS, improving patient safety and ongoing care by getting crucial patient data and analysis to physicians as much as 72 times faster.

White Paper | Presented by NetApp

Performance Benefits of NVMe over Fibre Channel - A New, Parallel, Efficient Protocol

For this test report, Demartek worked with NetApp and Broadcom (Brocade and Emulex divisions) to demonstrate the benefits of NVMe over Fibre Channel on the NetApp AFF A700s, Emulex Gen 6 Fibre Channel Adapters, and Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel SAN switches.

White Paper | Presented by Symantec

Predictive Mobile Threat Defense

Next-Generation enterprise mobile security provides proactive threat defense and runs on predictive intelligence, crowd wisdom and non-invasive employee experiences. This paper explores next-generation mobile security technologies and threat defense strategies that leverage pervasive analytics to predictively identify threats and, if necessary, proactively stop attacks without disrupting users’ mobile productivity.

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