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Budding role of IT communications director helps IT deliver its message

As CIOs face rising competition, they are creating a new, dedicated IT communications role to help promote the IT brand and coordinate messaging.

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An emerging coterie of communications specialists are finding a welcome home in IT departments across the country, helping to define and position the IT brand, and craft related messaging. These positions, which usually have titles like director of IT communications, are more common at large organizations with thousands of employees spread across many constituencies.

The role of a dedicated IT communications specialist is taking root as the rise of social media has convinced many CIOs that they need digital-savvy experts to effectively leverage that forum for both internal and external communications. If you think you’re up to the challenge, keep in mind that it’s a job that requires people who are prepared to deal with lots of change, are adept at juggling projects and, most importantly, are game for charting their own course.

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