Crash Course

Getting started with PowerShell

You've been wanting to dig into PowerShell, so why not start now? In this in-depth guide you'll learn how to perform simple tasks, make your way around the syntax and try a hands-on exercise to test your new skills.

Are you a Windows administrator? Are you committed to mastering PowerShell ASAP? If so, you've come to the right place. Here you'll learn how to perform simple tasks with the language so that you have a solid foundation on which to add skills for your particular job.

In this guide you'll learn the key points about PowerShell, such as its syntax structure and how to chain cmdlets together. You'll run a few cmdlets to see how they work, and learn where to find more.

After mastering these basics, you'll finish out this primer with an exercise that will give you a real feel for PowerShell so you can practice what you read here right away. In other words, you'll have all the tools to make a good start at using PowerShell like a pro.

Download the PDF to get started.

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