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BYOD morphs from lockdown to true mobility

Companies that have been at BYOD for a while reveal how their programs have changed with the times. One key takeaway: Don't expect to save bundles of money.

Computerworld Digital Spotlight, Summer 2014: BYOD Consumerization [cover]

There's plenty to learn from companies that have had BYOD programs for a while. For one thing, security is all about locking down data and not over-worrying about the hardware itself. And a multilayered approach to data access can be key: You could offer different privileges to employees who agree to corporate terms and those who don't.

To help with it all, there are some cool next-gen security tools: biometric systems, ID bracelets, new standards and more. Eventually, mobile security may no longer hinge on whether a password is long enough, but on how well the device knows the user.

Also inside: Like it or not, commerce increasingly involves keeping tabs on the customer's location. We take a hard look at location-based services.

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