3 Ways To Make Legal More Effective And Agile

Every department in an organization is expected to drive bottom-line results—including legal and sales. But while the two teams must partner together on closing revenue, only legal has the added responsibility of protecting the business from risk, which can significantly complicate its partnership with sales. In most organizations, these complications play out in everyday processes that are fraught with friction and can actually hinder sales by slowing revenue cycles and causing revenue opportunities to be missed. 

Businesses can’t afford the friction any longer if they want to remain competitive and relevant—and legal is an important agent in achieving this goal. Removing operational barriers and bottlenecks can help legal work more comfortably and effectively with sales by streamlining and speeding up the entire revenue cycle, from initial sales pitch to final signature. Many solutions are available, but businesses should focus on those that elevate legal to a new and crucial role in strategic, sustainable business growth. The best tools help legal continue to manage risk while also accelerating revenue operations through improved workflows, increased collaboration, and valuable insight.

Here are three ways to achieve more effective and agile legal operations, and the technology tools you’ll need to get there.