Remoting 101: How to Remote Your Mac

Brought to you by Teradici

Now that a high-performance remoting solution for Mac is here, your creative and executive teams can access their Mac from anywhere. Just think about all the ways this could help optimize and secure your organization’s workflows.  

In this webinar, we’ll cover:​ 

  •     How remoting technology works​
  •     Common use-cases and implementation options for Teradici® CAS remoting software on macOS 
  •     A live demo showing some graphic-intensive apps on macOS remotely ​ 
  •     Feedback from the Mac community on their experiences so far​ 

Check out some of the feedback we got from our beta testers:

  •     Impressive performance, supports transfer of sound, offers options of connection broker.
  •     This is much better. Video playback much smoother. Audio better quality.
  •     The responsiveness is SOOOOO much better than just native screenshare and with WAY more features.
  •     From my home on a windows PC, it felt like I was using the iMac at the office.
  •     I like the Dual monitor feature and the A/V Sync was great!