Are you a leader in driving innovation at the edge of your business?

Disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic prompted business leaders to make fundamental changes to internal operations. Leaders realized they needed to factor in strategies to become more resilient and agile to adapt to unforeseen business disruptions.

The future of operational agility will be driven by a dual-track approach to digital transformation that includes rapid cycle innovation coupled with traditional grand-scale transformation. Simply put, you have to enable your entire business—especially at the edge.

This quick assessment tool will offer insight into specific opportunities and challenges for innovators at the edge of the business, and show how transformation leaders are unlocking potential in their business by:


  • Extending the reach of automation and modernization to respond more quickly to opportunities, proactively manage risk, and speed up continuous improvement
  • Empowering individuals to automate their own processes to modernize the way they work
  • Strengthening partnerships across business and IT teams to create nimbler organizations