5 Reasons your organization needs a business continuity plan

Organizations often underestimate the importance of a business continuity plan. No one ever notices its absence – until disaster strikes. By then, it’s too late.

Any unplanned interruption of normal business processes can create immense hurdles and costly setbacks. Operations suffer. Revenue may suffer even more. 

Unplanned interruptions take many forms. It can be something as simple as a power outage. It could be a major hurricane. Ultimately, a disaster can be anything that disrupts normal business operations. Regardless of the cause, unplanned means unexpected.

With a business continuity plan in place, you position yourself to minimize the impact and damage of an unexpected event. In this article, we will discuss:

  • What constitutes business continuity planning and the difference between it and disaster recovery
  • The top 5 reasons your organization needs a business continuity plan
  • The importance of business continuity planning beyond simply restoring operations
  • How to get started building a business continuity plan