Five Ways to Use Analytics for Cloud Data Migrations

As unstructured data continues to grow exponentially, organizations struggle to control costs for file data storage. Many are turning to the cloud to scale and manage spend.

However, choosing the right files to move can be challenging as there can easily be billions of files. Many enterprises have over 1 PB of data, which represents roughly 3 billion files. This unstructured data is growing exponentially and resides in multi-vendor storage silos for access by various applications and departments.

For these reasons, organizations often lack visibility into file data and are making decisions in the dark. To be agile and competitive, IT teams must evolve storage management to become a holistic data management strategy.

This eBook examines the five ways to use analytics in cloud data management:

1. Understand your data patterns
2. Plan using a cost model
3. Use data to drive stakeholder buy-in
4. Eliminate user disruption
5. Create a systematic plan for ongoing data management