CISO Guide to Vendor Email Compromise (VEC)

Vendor Email Compromise (VEC) is a significant security threat to enterprise organizations, exploiting exploit trusted communications between vendors and customers.

In this white paper from Dr. Eric Cole at Secure Anchor, learn about the ways in which attackers are leveraging compromised accounts from vendors or partners to launch attacks designed to bypass traditional email security. These attacks can cause substantial financial loss, either directly from tactics like invoice or payment fraud, or indirectly through similar approaches to breaches at organizations like SolarWind that we can surmise started with socially-engineered vendor compromise campaigns.

In this white paper, learn more about:

  • The different types of attacks being launched from compromised vendors
  • How these attacks are bypassing traditional email security
  • What approaches and tools organizations can leverage to stop these attacks and protect their organizations from financial and reputational harm
Download the white paper to learn more today.