The 'Hyperscale SOC' and the Minds Behind It: A Machine-learning Foundation for Effective Cybersecurity

With a plethora of data, configurations, and potential attack vectors across the modern midsize enterprise, the sheer volume of available information can be overwhelming for those tasked with securing their organizations. Alerts are snowballing, visibility is limited, and even well-equipped organizations are falling victim to advanced threats. Compounding the matter, malicious actors are operating at machine speeds. How can a Security Operations Center (SOC) possibly keep up?

Enter the “Hyperscale SOC,” an innovative approach centered on data science and powered by a company that was purpose-built to put data first. This paper will examine how data science empowers human threat hunters, improves the signal-to-noise ratio through high-fidelity alerts, and allows for scalability. Modern threats like ransomware demand the fastest possible reactions, and data science is requisite to respond to attacks at machine speeds. Despite the hype of artificial intelligence, however, data science alone is no panacea — machine learning must be properly implemented and maintained, not just “bolted on” after the fact.