Azure webinar series Operate Hybrid Cloud Seamlessly with Azure Stack HCI

Join this webinar to learn about modernizing your datacenter and improving operational performance with new features from Azure Stack HCI, now generally available as a subscription service.

Azure Stack HCI provides you with the flexibility to secure and manage your on-premises virtual machines (VMs), Kubernetes clusters, and virtualized workloads centrally from the Azure portal and keeps your resources up to date with the latest services from Azure.

Watch a demo and learn how to:

  • Simplify management and operational tasks while increasing visibility of how your IT resources are performing.
  • Shorten reboot times for maintenance and updates on the operating system.
  • Improve performance on virtualized workloads and containerized machine learning applications running at the edge.

You’ll also get a preview of the Azure Stack HCI roadmap, so you can plan to leverage new features with your subscription.