Hyperautomation in the contact center: Leveraging automation and AI to enhance customer experience

Customer satisfaction is critical to business success. It sounds like a simple truth, but it’s inherently complicated. Because the prerequisites for that satisfaction aren’t static. Expectations are intensifying, and customer questions or concerns are expected to be resolved with increasing professionalism and proactivity, across multiplying channels—and at a constantly accelerating rate.

New customer contact technology has promised us a solution: Emerging cloud-based contact centers and self-service channels can enhance agent capabilities to meet higher volumes of customer contact and provide faster resolutions.

But in reality, they often fail to deliver.

The main detractors? Siloed data and disparate technologies.

While agents find themselves with more tools at their disposal than ever before, the friction between applications that don’t cooperate breeds frustration and stress.

The next step for customer contact centers is bridging the gap between customer needs, agent empowerment, and business optimization—by amalgamating existing customer care technologies and applying advancements in AI, machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA).

The good news is that this “next step” is happening, right now.

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