Closing the Gap Around IT Automation in the Financial Services Industry

Gaining alignment between business and IT leaders is often easier said than done. However, most organizations agree that to be successful, a joint understanding of goals is paramount. In a recent IDG MarketPulse survey we discovered that within financial services executives and IT leaders believe IT automation is critical, but they are not fully aligned in the how. IT automation is a critical part of advancing customer experiences. Join IDG and technology leader, Red Hat, as we examine the research results and share stories from the field.  

In this webinar:

  • Learn current IT automation trends from both sides (business and technology) highlighted in the new MarketPulse.
  • See where executives and IT leaders have a gap, and the potential impact to growth caused by that gap. 
  • Learn how the top 5 benefits can help guide your strategy.
  • Explore steps for updating your IT automation strategy to move your firm forward.