Next-Generation Firewall Buyer’s Guide

Vendors are expanding their core SWG solutions to add more security features, including CASB, zero trust network access, FWaaS and remote browser isolation. These broader portfolios will appeal to security and risk professionals seeking to consolidate security vendors. Data and users are everywhere: on your network, in the cloud and working remotely. The result is an incredibly complex network environment that, historically, has significantly increased your business risk. You can minimize this risk with the right next-generation firewall (NGFW) platform – one that leverages a prevention-focused architecture powered by automation and analytics to minimize manual tasks. Find out how a top-rated next-generation firewall can replace disconnected point products and reduce complexity in the process. Newly updated for 2020, the Next-Generation Firewall Buyer’s Guide can help you make your next firewall purchase decision a smarter one. It covers: Key capabilities your NGFW needs to provide effective security. Insights into SSL decryption, credential theft prevention, SD-WAN, policy controls and DNS security. A handy RFP checklist you can use to evaluate your options. Download your copy today. You’ll learn how a next-generation firewall platform can become the cornerstone of an effective network security strategy.