Security and Governance for 'Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Security (access control) and governance (auditability and visibility) are inherently lacking in a data lake architecture and thus typically overlooked in the early stages of a data lake deployment. In the early days of their data lake journey, organizations typically work around these deficiencies by creating plumbing to create copies of data for different users and use cases depending on the entitlements. Even with that, there are significant gaps in the functionality: fine-grained access control across multiple compute tools and different kinds of data assets, with detailed visibility into user activity. People make do in the early days of their data lake journey, but this problem is increasingly exacerbated over time with the addition of more tools, users, compliance regulations (GDPR, CCPA, and so on), and data. These factors drive up inefficiencies, costs, and risk — in addition to increasing time-to-value by slowing analyst productivity, which ultimately prevents organizations from accomplishing the main goal of the data lake: agility for the business.

Let’s look at how people have tried to solve the problem of access control and governance in Amazon S3 data lakes.


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