Building Resilient Manufacturing Operations Through Asset Management and IoT

The manufacturing environment is changing faster than ever before. Digital technologies like cloud, mobile, big data/analytics, and IoT are drivers for industry transformation, and companies of every size must embrace these tools. Using IoT to provide real-time data on the status of assets, processes and people is where most manufacturers start their journey. But the journey does not end there, shifting towards a more predictive asset management approach is where the true value is generated and serves as the foundation for resilient operations.  

As COVID-19 has highlighted, disruption can occur at any moment. There was a distinct digital divide that occurred between manufacturers possessing the proper tools versus those without. Companies need to prepare now for the next disruptive force that may arise, focusing on agility, innovation, and resiliency can serve as the foundation for success. The more time that passes without taking any actions, the more of an advantage their peers experience. In today’s highly competitive manufacturing environment, manufacturers cannot risk inaction. Download this Tech Data sponsored IDC report to learn more.