Red Hat & Streebo’s AI Powered Banking Bot Solution

Employees and customers are a Banking organization’s biggest assets with respect to the products and services they offer - Loans, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Mortgages. Every Bank wants to optimize and maximize the value they get out of their employees as well as the value they provide to their customers. Banking institutions are in a constant struggle to achieve the best ROI out of their “PEOPLE (employees and customers)” investments. What if technology can help them get that optimal ROI?

AI powered Virtual Agents, more popularly known as Chatbots, enable Banking organizations to automate mundane, routine tasks such as Funds Transfer, Display of Account Balance, and Loan Application Processing. In addition, they also enhance customer success metrics such as Customer Retention, Satisfaction Index, Reach, and Acquisition Rate.

Before we delve deeper into Banking Chatbot Solution, here are some interesting facts, statistics, and research around Chatbots in general:

  • A chatbot can cut customer service costs by more than 30%. (IBM)
  • 43% of users prefer to interact with people over chatbots.(G2)
  • 43% of those who use digital banking services prefer using chatbots or live chat to address their problems. (eMarketer)