Best Practices for GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Download this white paper to view results from an in-depth survey of North American organizations with regard to their plans for GDPR Compliance, as well as complying with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). It is essential for decision makers to understand that the GDPR and CCPA should not be treated as singular pieces of legislation, but more as the leading edge of future compliance regulations.

Data privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA are becoming the norm and organizations must implement a variety of technologies and best practices to ensure compliance with them. A failure to comply with the growing patchwork of regulations will almost certainly result in significant and negative consequences, including direct financial costs through punitive fines, as well as loss of corporate reputation, lost business opportunities, brand damage and the like.

Download the White Paper "Best Practices for GDPR and CCPA Compliance by Osterman Research" to learn more.