Analytics as a Service: New Ways for Community Banks and Credit Unions to Leverage Machine Learning in Origination and Account Management

Many leading banks and credit unions are using advanced predictive analytics to transform their origination and account management processes. But not all are equally prepared to develop and deploy their own analytics, and the leading data science talent necessary to build effective models can be hard to find and expensive to retain. Even organizations deep in data science talent often have operational bottlenecks that make it difficult to deploy analytics to generate timely business value.

These difficulties have given rise to a new adoption approach for advanced analytics, machine learning and applied AI: Managed service offerings in which a partner like FICO develops and deploys the advanced analytics via the cloud.

Download an Executive Brief on Analytics, Decisions and Scoring as a Service

In this brief, we describe:

  • Why a service-based approach might be right for banks and credit unions that want to increase their use of analytics but struggle to develop and operationalize predictive models
  • The types of operational decisions in originations and account management that could be significantly improved using real-time analytics
  • How analytic services work with your existing systems, processes and architecture
  • How to ensure that your use of analytic services is transparent and compliant with internal and external guidelines and regulations